I Almost Gave up on The HCG Diet

I have just completed my first round with HCG Diet and I am honestly saying that I almost quit. But thanks to the support from amazing women I have met from an HCG Diet site. I was able to complete my round. Hopefully, I would be able to make another round before summer.

My highest weight was 179.5 pounds in the past few years but when I started my diet with HCG, I was weighing 172.4 pounds only. I lost quite an amount from workouts and a bit of low calorie diet without the hormone in my system. After the gorging days, the scale shows 176.4 pounds. I have gained an additional 4 pounds from gorging on high-fat and high calorie foods.

For the first few weeks, I have lost 15 pounds and for me, that was a big number. It was really hard for me to follow the protocol that I almost gave up. It was my first time on this kind of diet and I didn’t actually get myself familiar with the diet before I start. Each day with the 500 calories diet was getting harder and harder. I was feeling tired and weak and I am definitely giving up. But the women in this amazing HCG Diet website had kept me motivated. They taught me what and what not to do. Another thing that had kept me motivated was to see the numbers on the scale drop each day. I have gone from using a size 5/10 to a size 6/8. Two more sizes down and I am back to my freshman size in college 15 years ago.

Almost at the end of my diet with HCG, I had a major make-over. When I went to get my hair done, my hair stylist didn’t recognize me. He said that I looked different from the last time he saw me. I looked fit than 3 weeks ago. When I went home with my new haircut, my neighbor didn’t recognize me either and I was so happy about that.  All my hard work pays off. Have I quit, I wouldn’t look at how I looked now.  It has been weeks now that I am stable at 140 pounds. One thing I’ve learned from this protocol was the word determination. Losing weight and keeping the weight off for goods is possible if you are determined. Don’t quit and stay focused on your goal.

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