Her First Round on the HCG Diet and She Lost 25lbs

Her First Round on the HCG Diet and She Lost 25lbs

Her First Round on the HCG Diet and She Lost 25lbs

Here is another HCG Diet story to inspire you. Her name is Rome who felt down and insecure about her weight. She weighs 189 pounds, and she was only on her early 30s. She felt so down about her weight that even family gatherings made her feel insecure.

Rome has tried so many diets but they didn’t work for her. Her current diet plans were also out of her reach due to taking care of her children. Her current diet was a bit expensive due to the cost associated with the many meal deliveries she has.

A family member recommended her to try the HCG Diet when she attended her cousin’s wedding. The result she attained was fascinating. She ended up losing 45 pounds after doing 2 rounds straight.

Her first round she lost 25 pounds and she was amazed by the result she’s seeing. The diet wasn’t that easy for her especially during the first few days of the diet. But HCG Diet wasn’t that unreachable unlike the previous diet plans that she has been through. The meals are doable and she doesn’t have to spend much with meal deliveries because of this time around, she cooks for her own food. On her second round, she lost 20 pounds. She has experienced a stall for 3 days, but she was able to get back on track doing an apple day. The reason behind her stall was because of another family gathering she attended. She didn’t bring on-the-go foods with her so she had no choice but grab what’s being served. The good thing about the gathering, her relatives notice that she loses weight. She receives compliments from her cousin, and she was even asked about her secret.

Not only Rome lost weight. Her blood pressure and cholesterol level were back to normal. She felt more normal than ever. She felt more confident and healthier than she had for many years. It has been a year now since she last does the HCG diet and she was able to keep the weight off. She has more energy now and she has plenty of time with her kids.

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