Healthier and Better Life With the HCG Diet

Healthier and Better Life With the HCG Diet

Healthier and Better Life With the HCG Diet

“Weight loss may not be an easy process, but it does lead to a healthier and happier life. With the HCG diet, I have lost 24 pounds doing the 46 days diet. I did not experience hunger or some anxiety problems like what is associated with some diets. On one occasion, I did experience an undesirable weight gain while on it but was promptly fixed by a steak day. As I began to cut unwanted foods from my menu, and with the help of hcg injections, I lost a considerable amount of weight on the HCG Diet”.



Here’s Angela’s story…

I’m just like everyone else. I have tried every diet out there. I have been dieting my entire young adult life and it has been a constant yo-yo. Some diet programs had worked on me while others don’t. After having children at age 35, it was very hard to get the weight off. I have tried doing the diet that had worked on me before but it doesn’t work on me now. I have previously tried tons of diet programs, from low carb diet, Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig, but they’re too expensive and need a lot and lots of effort. I’ve tried taking diet pills hoping that I would wake up skinny the next day, but they never worked for me.

Skeptical at first

I came to know about the HCG diet from my neighbor whose sister was starting the program. I also found out about it also on the internet. As a skeptic person, I was not convinced at first. However, after several weeks of updates from the neighbor’s sister, I was determined that I would do the diet. I know that it would work for me too.

Before starting the HCG Diet, I thought I might have trouble adjusting, but I was surprised to find how easy it was and how easy it was to stay with it. I was even skeptical at first because I have never tried consuming as low as 500 calories only a day. I mean, 500 calories a day literally sounds like the kind of impossible. And nobody could last more than a week with that unless they are taking extra dietary supplements that could make them feel full in an instant.

I was astonished to find out how the HCG Diet works. I was amazed at how the HCG hormone can make me feel full despite the low-calorie intake. Seeing the results, I have bolstered my self-esteem and confidence immediately. The HCG hormone works like magic and I have never encountered one diet wonder that works like this. I really wasn’t hungry on the HCG diet.

My setback

So far, I haven’t had trouble adhering to the HCG Diet. Actually, I do find it easy to stick with it. The only setback I encounter was getting my meals ready. I need to prepare separate meals for myself and my kids, but I’ve gotten used to it. Another hurdle I had to beat was the temptations in the fridge and cupboards. I couldn’t just walk past everything shoved in there, but I was grateful that I was able to refrain from eating any of it.

The HCG diet isn’t particularly difficult to abide by but, it does take some self-control. I recommend that you find a diet buddy so that you can regulate your progress.

Best diet to exist

The HCG Diet is the best diet program ever to exist. It worked exactly as they profess. It has been the only diet program that has worked on me without a yo-yoing back. The diet doesn’t only make you lose weight naturally in areas where you needed to lose but it also helped you have the right mindset to eating the right kind and right portion of foods. This kind of mindset will lead you to the right path to a better and healthier life.

The real payoff

Losing weight is one of the better things I have done for myself with the HCG Diet. However, the real payoff was not the weight loss per se but how good I felt and how people comment on my weight loss efforts. As I have said, weight loss may not be an easy process, but it does lead to a healthier and happier life.

In just 46 days, I was down 24 pounds and inches. I was feeling comfortable and happy in my skin. Even though I have not reached my goal weight yet, I feel better, lighter and I have more energy since I have lost some extra baggage. I feel healthy too and I have learned how to control my weight and live and eat healthier. I can say I did great with my first round, and I am ready for my next round and looking forward to it. And I would definitely recommend the HCG Diet to anyone who desires to drop some weight for health reasons or maintain a healthy diet.



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