HCG Diet Review 35: From Size 12 to Size 4

HCG Diet Review 35: From Size 12 to Size 4

HCG Diet Review 35: From Size 12 to Size 4

Vivian’s Basic Stat

Initial Weight: 179 pounds

Total Weight lost: 47 pounds

Maintaining weight: 129-134 pounds since age 51

Number of rounds: 2 rounds of 40-days cycle

Height: 5’5

Age: 53

Dress Size: went from size 12 to size 4

Health Issues: Had undergone hysterectomy. She suffers from hypothyroidism


Vivian has undergone hysterectomy when she was 48. During that time she was already overweight, about 176 pounds. But after the, she gained 23 pounds in a span of few months, putting her to 199 pounds.


Earlier in her life, she was on a healthy weight for her size about 125-130 pounds only. But after giving birth to her 2 daughters 2 years apart she started to put on weights. She found herself eating more and more until she wound up to 176 pounds.


Round 1 of HCG diet

Before doing the actual diet with HCG, Vivian managed to lose 20 pounds through exercise and other diet program. By the time she did the HCG she was about 179 pounds. During her first round with HCG diet Vivian lose 21 pounds with HCG injections. Her HCG Diet goal was to lose 50 pounds. She had no cravings or hunger pangs.

Round 2 of HCG diet

On her second round, she dropped another 26 pounds putting her final weight to 132 pounds.

Smaller dress size

At age 51 she wore a dress size somewhere between sizes 2 to size 4. She was so happy with the results. She lost a high amount of abnormal FATS. Her body has changed so much that she has to wear smaller sizes now. She’s now on a low card diet.

How does she maintain her new weight?

·        Avoid sugar

·        Replace your old comfort foods. Have a spoonful of almond butter with some chocolate delight. Replace your sweet cravings with sugar-free chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

·        Eat more proteins and veggies

·        Drink the recommended water

·        Drink plenty of green tea

·        Add some apple cider to your daily intake

·        Read and know the protocol by HEART. It pays to be aware of how the diet works. HCG diet does more than just to lose weight.

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