HCG Diet Review 31: 40 Pounds Loss in 23 days

HCG Diet Review 31: 40 Pounds Loss in 23 days

Tim’s Basic Stats:

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3”

Initial Weight: 245 pounds

End weight: 205 pounds

Total Weight loss: 40 pounds

Number of rounds: 1 round of 23-days cycle

Tim discovered hcg-injections.com and was able to lose 40 pounds only in 23-days. And he loves it. HCG enabled him to get back in shape, be healthy and feel good about himself.

Tim’s diet

Tim only did 1 round of HCG injection and loses 40 pounds. He went out on a cruise and there are buffets where he could eat as much as he wants. After the cruise, he realized that he needed to lose weight. His belly got away and he finds it a bit hard to tie his tennis shoes.

He learned about HCG diet from his best friend at work who started to lose weight fast. (His friend has tried other diet programs before like Atkins and Weight Watchers. But his friend failed.) So he simply asked his friend what diet he was doing, how to do it and what the website is.

Loading days

Loading days for Tim was very easy. He did clean loading- high fats and low carbs. Most of the foods he ate were high in fats like bacon, chicken thigh (skin on) pork chops and butter. He ate until his full about 2500 calories a day for 2 days.

Phase 2

He did 1 round including 1 apple day because of a stall. He downloaded and read the manuscript of Dr. Simeons. For him, the HCG recipe book was very handy. He never thought that the foods in the recipe would taste really good. 

Maintenance phase

He lost 40 pounds after the 23-days cycle of HCG injections. From 245 pounds, now he weighs 205 pounds. He was happy with the results and he’s no longer self-conscious. He has more energy and he’s getting ready to hit the gym to tone up for the summer. Tim was very thankful for his weight loss success to HCG injection which he bought at this site. Whenever he goes out with friends, he does not eat that much because he doesn’t need them anyway. HCG is the easiest diet program and it’s very affordable.


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