HCG Diet Review 30: Lost 34 pounds in 1 Round of hCG Injection

HCG Diet Review 30: Lost 34 pounds in 1 Round of hCG Injection

Brenda – is one of our favorite HCG diet success stories. She has lost 34 pounds in 43 days. She has lost over 15 inches around her body and her total body fat percentage goes down to 20%.

Here’s Brenda story:

My name is Brenda, 30 years of age, a mother of 2 girls age 7 and 9. I started with my weight loss journey on the HCG diet last year. That time I was weighing 202. My body fat was over 25%. I’m a working mom and I had no time to hit the gym. At the end of the day, I feel so tired whenever I arrived home. I had no energy and my body aches. I was not even happy with how I look.

I heard about this diet called the HCG diet from my colleagues at work before. But I didn’t give it much thought. Then one day I was like-“So this is it. I don’t want to be in this situation anymore”. I head home right after and research about the HCG diet. I found what I have been looking for, the best diet ever. I found hcg-injections.com. I bought the HCG injections and started out with my diet right away.

It was hard for me to eat the 500-calorie diet for the first few weeks but it got easier as the weeks went by. I also found the recipes quite easier to do. During my first 7 days I weigh myself and to my surprise, I lost 6 pounds. That’s almost a pound a day. Who would lose that big in a very short period of time? I couldn’t believe it either. HCG diet really works. It works fast. I would definitely recommend HCG diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.

I completed my 43-day cycle and lost a total of 34 pounds. My fat went down to 20% and I lost about 15 inches around my body. Now I’m happy and confident with how I look. I’m back to the old me energetic me.

I never did another round. I have been maintaining my weight for months now. I feel healthier and happier than before.


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