HCG Diet Review 27: Lost 59 Pounds and Feel Fantastic About it

We have another great and inspiring story here from a yo-yo dieter, a 275 pounds father of 3 sons.

Here’s his story:

My name is Marcus and I am one of those yo-yo dieters. I know this sound familiar, right? I have been on this weight for about 14 years since the birth of my second son. I would put on a lot of weight then I would look for a temporary weight loss solution. Usually, it takes about 3-5 months for me to get back on track. Short-term programs like weight watchers, shake programs and soup diet has worked.

Last year I weight myself. The scale tips up to 275 pounds! It was the most I have ever weight. I was 48 years old already and I was not sure whether the short-term weight loss program will still work for me. I am a father of three. I work as an executive in the finance industry. I am a very busy man and I don’t have any time to go to the gym and workout.

As expected, the short-term weight loss program didn’t really work anymore. I was more or least 73 pounds overweight and I know I’m not healthy. My cholesterol level and blood pressure started to spike upward too. I know I just don’t need a short-term weight loss program this time.

Five months ago I started with HCG diet through a friend’s recommendation. I’ve seen a lot of yo-yo dieters who became successful with HCG diet. So I gave it a try and it worked for me. Right now I have lost 59.71 pounds and I feel fantastic about it. My blood pressure and cholesterol level are now stable.

HCG diet taught me a lesson that I will remember and apply for the rest of my life. That is to focus on eating right. I am a completely different person now and I am proud of that. Thanks to HCG! I am now healthy and I have more energy to do my work in the corporate world. HCG diet gave me a new lease on life!

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