HCG Diet Review 26: Lost 14 pounds In 1 Round

HCG Diet Review 26: Lost 14 pounds In 1 Round

HCG Diet Review 26: Lost 14 pounds In 1 Round

Lost 14 pounds In 1 Round

I’m Shannon, a proud HCG user. I started with my weight loss journey with HCG diet at 180 pounds. During that time I was wearing a size 12 dress. I wasn’t happy at all with how I looked.

I have tried to hide my body in every way possible. I started wearing clothes that would hide all my bumps and lumps. I even stopped wearing a bathing suit. I hated my body although my husband kept telling me I was beautiful. I hate to look at the reflection of myself in the mirror. Last year my daughter-in-law started to use HCG injections. I was so amazed at how she lost weight. So I ordered one for myself.

I printed out the protocol and read everything. I was set. Since I and my husband were planning to go on a cruise, I figured out how many days I had before the cruise. I wanted my maintenance phase to be over before the cruise. After planning, I went out for grocery shopping. I bought my protein choices for a week’s supply.  I bag them up into 3.5 ounces each. That way it would be easier for me to prepare for my meals.

I decided to do the 43-days cycle. I didn’t really enjoy the loading days. It was hard for me. It kind of makes me sick. The next 2 days after loading I lost 5 pounds. Every day I got on the scale I got more excited. I felt I could do this. I can reach my goal weight. My clothes seemed to get big on me like I was swimming in them. I felt better. It was time for me to buy some new clothes. I bought a size 10. Then a week later, I went out again to buy clothes. This time it was size 8. Before I knew it I was done with the VLCD and I’m off to my P3.

During the cruise I didn’t gain any weight. My eating habit has changed. I was already conscious of what I eat. Instead of eating only one meal a day and snacking all day long, I eat 3 meals already. I love the feeling of stepping on the scale and seeing those numbers go down.  I enjoyed shopping for new clothes. Now I weigh 166 pounds and loving it. My cellulite also decreases. I now own bathing suits and I spend the day with my granddaughter at a pool.

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