HCG Diet Review 23: 23 Pounds Loss in 1 Round of HCG Diet

HCG Diet Review 23: 23 Pounds Loss in 1 Round of HCG Diet

HCG Diet Review 23: 23 Pounds Loss in 1 Round of HCG Diet

Here is another inspiring story from a full-time mom with a very busy crazy schedule. Lyn experiences a 23 pounds loss on a single round of 43-day cycle of HCG injections. Here’s her story:

I’m a full-time mom with a crazy busy schedule. I am always on the go a student and an employee at the same time. I have been on this crazy daily routine for years already. Keeping track of my weight and how I look were not even my priorities. Then one day my body just gave up. My cholesterol level shot high and I didn’t have that much energy that I used to have. I wasn’t that supermom anymore that I thought I was. When I stepped on the scale I was shocked with the results. I can’t believe what I was seeing- a 198 pounds me! I used to be 150 pounds something. Then I said to myself that my weight must be the culprit. I realized that I needed to do something about it. I needed to get back in shape. Be the healthy on the go me again.

It was my husband’s aunt who introduced to me the HCG diet. Without hesitation I Google it and I was extremely thankful and blessed that I found hcg-injections.com website. I never tried doing any actual diet before but I was determined to give my all. I knew I was carrying an extra weight and I was depressed with my situation.

I started with my diet at 198 pounds and I have decided to do the 43-day cycle. I was struggling during my first few weeks of VLCD and I almost gave up. Eating only 500 calories a day is not a joke. Thankfully my husband was supportive of my new found weight loss journey.

Before I decided to start with my hcg diet I made a 2-week meal plan. In fact, I have tried doing some of the recipes without actually embarking on the diet. I made a chart where I record everything- from what I ate and what I liked. This way I would not fail myself. This helped me planned out my future meals.

After the 43- day cycle, my weight was down to 175 pounds. I lost a total of 23 pounds! That’s a big number for me. And now I’m down to 167 pounds. It was such a blessing to lose weight that easily. Given the fact that I cannot go out for a walk or do some work-out but the HCG diet did!

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