HCG Diet Review 20: 55 pounds off with 2 rounds of HCG Diet

HCG Diet Review 20: 55 pounds off with 2 rounds of HCG Diet

HCG Diet Review 20: 55 pounds off with 2 rounds of HCG Diet


My name is Sara and I am 24 years old. I had always been a fit person but when I started studying I start to put on weight. This then leads to my ankle injury. I couldn’t even stay longer in the gym which leads me also to more weight gain until I was 70 pounds heavier.

I was always an energetic and a bubbly person. I often go out with friends, attend school gatherings and family occasions. Since I became 205 pounds I was too shy to go anywhere. I was ashamed of how I become. I hated the way I look in front of the mirror. I never noticed what a monster I had created. I was depressed.

I have tried to do some exercise again but my knees would give way. My hips hurt and my ankle was constantly inflamed.  The constant pain that I felt on my operated ankle makes me even moodier. So I started to look into other weight loss methods. That’s when my boyfriend introduced HCG Diet to me. I thought “Why not give it a go!” Trying something is better than doing nothing at all.

In the first week of my 500 calorie diet and HCG injection, I lost 6 pounds. I strictly followed the diet. My weight kept dropping off to at least 1 pound a day on my second week. I was so happy with the results. I was excited to jump on the scale every morning. My clothes were falling off me and I can’t wait to go buy new ones.

HCG Diet has helped me get my life back. I start working on being fitter, happier and healthier person. I can’t express how much HCG Diet has changed my life. I don’t have a perfect body but I love the way I look. Instead of spending hours deciding on what to wear just to hide my fats away, now I take an hour putting on makeups.

My ankles back. I don’t feel pain anymore and I can run again. I am in a better headspace now. The two rounds of HCG Diet have helped me lose a total of 55 pounds. Losing weight and keeping it off is hard but with HCG Diet nothing is impossible.

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