HCG Diet Review 18: 180 pounds to 167 pounds with HCG Injections

HCG Diet Review 18: 180 pounds to 167 pounds with HCG Injections

I had the attitude of eating anything that I want when I want and as long as I can. People often ask me “where do you put it?” Well, I was young that time, around 18. It was easier for me to maintain my slim figure as I would walk around or bike. But when I learned how to drive, I noticed that the weight slowly crept on.

At age 25, I weighed 143 pounds. I was convinced that I was healthy.  I started dating with my current partner. It was a long-distance relationship. During the time we were visiting each other we tended to rely on fast foods for lunch and dinner as it was less time to consume. I went from a healthy 143 pounds to a whopping 180 pounds in less than a year! This may not have been so bad had I been exercising.

All the unhealthy eating habit caught up with me and I developed a gallstone. It’s all because of the fatty foods that I have been eating. For a year, I put up with the pain but still I couldn’t say NO to those fats. I went for a surgery and I swore that I wouldn’t eat junk foods anymore.

My total body fat was above 30% and my BMI put me in the obese category. I look awful in front of the mirror.  I have friends joking around telling me how I used to be slim and now I look like I’m pregnant. Their comments motivated me to get back to my ideal weight.

I decided to try HCG Injections. My first day, I weight around 180 pounds. The meals and portion sizes weren’t bad. I wasn’t cranky and I don’t feel hungry. In fact, I enjoyed experimenting with the different HCG approved meals. By day 10, I had lost an amazing 10 pounds! At day 26, I had lost a total of 13 pounds. I couldn’t really notice the differences by looking at the mirror. But my tape measure does tell another story.  My waistline measures 34 inches before but now its 30 inches.

Although I didn’t lose weight that much but 13 pounds is a huge loss for me. HCG Diet has taught me how to portion sizes and eat healthy foods. My journey is still counting. Nothing will stop me now. Thanks to HCG!


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