HCG Diet Review 11: HCG Dieter Ava’s Story

HCG Diet Review 11: HCG Dieter Ava’s Story

HCG Diet Review 11: HCG Dieter Ava’s Story

HCG Diet Review 11: HCG Dieter Ava’s Story

I’m Ava. .3 years ago I was in a fantastic shape.  A happy 160 pounds achieved through exercise and proper diet. I was maintaining a 40 pounds weight loss for 3 years. During one of my training for the marathon, I fell and tore my Acl. Months later, I regained 30 lbs. I have tried to do some workouts again but it’s not working. I’m not losing any weight.  I have tried diet pills and liquid shakes but I was starving. Not to mention I didn’t like to take the pills because I have to drive for one hour for my B12 shots.

I was willing to try anything that would help me lose weight because I was tipping the scale of 204.5 pounds already. I got lucky looking around the internet and hcg-injections.com showed up. I read through the site and figured out what I was reading sounded too good to be true. I told myself this was it. HCG Diet will help me. So, I ordered HCG injections. Ordering was so easy and I can’t wait to get started.

Initial weight: 204.5 pounds

After 36 days: I weigh 184.5 pounds and lost 20 pounds

My weigh was affected by the so many occasions that I have attended. But I did my best to stay strict with the protocol. I got a little upset but I got right back to the program. Even though I only lost 20 pounds but in less than one month I have successfully lost more weight than I have lost in almost a year of dieting. The HCG recipes are so easy to make and I am never hungry on this diet. For me that is huge. I never have to starve. I am used to eating every 2-3 hours but I was surprised that I no longer had to eat.

HCG Diet is so doable. If you’re skeptical… don‘t be! I am still halfway through my goal but I know HCG Diet will work for me. My goal is to be in between the scale of 150-160 after another round and I am confident that I will reach my goal. With HCG Diet I know I can do it.


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