HCG Diet Review 04: The HCG Diet Program Change My Life

HCG Diet Review 04: The HCG Diet Program Change My Life

I was so thankful when I’ve found out about hCG diet program through my friend Liza. Unlike some other women who just need to lose about 20 0r 30 pounds but for me—I have a lot of weight to lose about 90-100 pounds. It’s not because I wanted to look sexy but because it has to be my ideal medical weight. The smallest weight that I can remember was when I was about 18 years old. I was weighing 140 pounds back then. But when I had kids, well we all know what happens next. For most of our bodies are never same again.

I was even considering a gastric-bypass just to lose weight. I had been on many diet plans that you can’t just imagine. I have tried Atkins, cookie diet, weight watchers, diet pills and grapefruit diet. But the most that I lost is only 50 pounds.

Thanks to my friend Liza. She thought of me when she was about to start the hCG diet program. She asked me to join her together with some of her other friends.  It was really an answered prayer. How much I wanted to lose weight and become healthy. For many years I was really struggling. I was so conscious of the way I looked. I was really hopeless and tired.

At first, I was skeptical. I searched on the internet for some reason that this program wouldn’t work for me. I’ve found nothing that would prove to me that this wouldn’t work for me. So, I started the hCG diet program right away together with my friend Liza and some other ladies. We often meet and talk about some challenges that we have encountered along the way. Aside from losing weight, it was such a blessing too that I met some really wonderful women. I have made some wonderful friends.

Right now, I am far from being done. I am so eager to start with my P2 of the hCG diet program. I can’t believe that in such a short time I’ve seen great changes in my body. I will most likely to go on to Phase 3 in order to get what I always wanted.


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