My HCG Diet Goal Is To Lose Another 20-25 pounds

My HCG Diet Goal Is To Lose Another 20-25 pounds

My HCG Diet Goal Is To Lose Another 20-25 pounds

HCG diet is unbelievable. I was skeptical at first. For me, I call this the “anorexic diet” because of the so, so low-calorie intake for several days. At first, I thought that I would be starving with this diet but to my surprise, I felt one hundred percent satiated. And I even found myself throwing some of my unfinished food plus I sometimes skip with my share of Grissini sticks.

I have been overweight my entire life. Back when I was at the age of 12, I was over 125 pounds and it fluctuated between 160 to 220 pounds. Now in my twenties, I wear uncomfortable double size pants and I am not happy about it.

Well, I have tried few diets available on the market. I have tried the diet pills and shakes but everything didn’t work for me until one day someone I knew seems to look thinner and thinner each day. I got curious about it and wonder what she has been doing. Was it the Atkins? Miracle pills? Surgery? Or Starvation perhaps?

When I confronted about her being thinner and thinner each day, she told me that it’s about HCG diet. My jaw dropped and I almost couldn’t believe it. It was what I used to call the “anorexic diet” before. I got even curious so I looked for HCG diet over the internet. Dr. Simeons protocol was plain and simple. This protocol was based on 30 years of research and is proven to be safe and effective by thousands of dieters around the world. I read the entire protocol over and over and then finally decided to do the diet.

Within the first two weeks, I was down by 16 pounds. After the first round, I lost 22 pounds. I could have lost more but there were days when I cheated and have stalled for around 5 days. I am currently maintaining my weight of 198 pounds for three weeks and I am ready for the next rounds by next week. I am hoping that I will be able to reach my goal weight-to lose another 20-25 pounds.

I love what HCG can do to my body and I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone who desperately wants to lose weight.

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