HCG Diet Before and During Pandemic

HCG Diet Before and During Pandemic

HCG Diet Before and During Pandemic

Here’s another story from a successful HCG dieter who was desperately seeking for something that works for her: 

My weight, my physical appearance, and my health issues started to affect my mental health. I even reach the point where I started neglecting my health and resorted to eating unhealthy foods. People had been judging my physical appearance and wonder what when wrong”.  

Ella’s story before the HCG Diet 

Before the HCG Diet, I was desperate to lose weight just like anybody else. I jumped from one diet protocol to another hoping that I could lose weight and never gain them back but no matter what I do my weight would drop a little. When I stoppedI easily gain them back. Countless diet efforts I’ve tried 

  1. ‘Gym-ing it up 

I realized that it was high time for me to make a change and respect my body enough to take care of it. So, I decided to enroll myself in the gym and work out until I’m feeling burned out. But the thing is, as soon as I reach home I would binge on unhealthy foods right away. I was working out three times a week but I quit after a month.  

  1. Low-calorie diet to Weight watchers 

Low-calorie diet works though but what I can’t take is the hunger that I would feel at the end of the day. And when I have the chance to grab for food I would binge ‘till I’m satisfied. I have tried Weight watchers but it’s kind of expensive for me and counting calories and points are quite tedious too.  

  1. Diet pills and nameless others 

I have tried taking every known diet pills and shakes in the market but Im not losing any. I even tried starving myself but none of them really works for me. I was almost at the point of breaking down but the scale had tipped to the positive side when I came to know about the HCG Diet. 


The HCG Diet 

I came to know about the HCG Diet from a friend who has successfully completed 2 rounds and lost quite a lot of weight for a very short time. She told me about the HCG Diet but I didn’t believe in her story. On my mind, “What kind of diet would allow you to lose weight so quickly?”. I mean, I have tried almost all diets known to men but only a few had temporarily worked for me.  

So I made my research. I have watched vlogs and have listened to podcast about the said diet and I found everything to be “too good to be true”. I would only believe once I will try the diet and see results for myself. I was decided to do the HCG diet but before I finally took the chance and order for my first dose I continued doing my very research about what it has to offer aside from losing weight, how to do it, and many other what’s, and how’s. From my research, here’s what I have learned about the HCG Diet: 

  • This diet will allow me to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day. 
  • I need to inject myself every day during the weight loss phase with the HCG hormone. Since the hormone came from the placenta of a pregnant woman and has been approved by the FDA in treating fertility issues, I believe this hormone is also safe for use during weight loss.  
  • I can do multiple rounds until I can reach my goal weight. It’s all-natural, therefore, it’s safe to use it many times.  
  • Part of the protocol is the weight loss phase where I should reduce my daily calorie intake to 500 calories a day only. From my research, dieters won’t feel hungry at all despite the very low-calorie intake because the hormone will do its job in literally melting the stored fats away as a source of energy.  
  • I have also learned that the protocol itself will teach me to have control over my foods and I can’t wait to see that.  

After receiving my kit, I immediately proceeded with my diet. I made it a point not to get my weight until the end of week one, and I was so shocked to see the result. I went 6 pounds down just after a week. Unbelievably true! After one round, I lost a total of 22 pounds. I was so happy with the result that I decided to do other round and was successful too with it. Not only did I look good but I also had so much energy.  

Back in the diet during the pandemic 

I was back doing the diet in the middle of the pandemic. Since this COVIC pandemic, my routine has gone off track again and my summer body will have to be postponed until 2021. Everyone was taking up a new hobby to distract themselves but mine was eating. Stress eating is real and so are comfort foods. They say they that we should take this extra time to lose weight but I say it’s not that easy as foods are within your reach. The work from home arrangement, mostly in front of the computer, has contributed a few pounds to my weight but I am confident that I could lose them easily by doing the HCG Diet. I have seen tons of memes about pandemic weight gain and even been targeted with so many weight loss ads specifically geared toward losing stubborn fat post isolation. Then again, none of them can beat the HCG Diet. Doing the HCG Diet was the best experience I have ever had when it comes to weight loss. 


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