HCG Diet after a Mild Stroke

HCG Diet after a Mild Stroke

HCG Diet after a Mild Stroke

Another great story here from a successful dieter who sustained a long-term improvement after doing 2 long rounds of the HCG Diet.

Her name is Ana and she’s in the mid 40’s. She has always been in great shape before. She focused more on her overall health and fitness. However, in her early 40’s she had a sudden and surprise mild stroke. This limits her from exercising at all as she would before.  She has been living a sedentary life after her sudden stroke. During her recovery, her metabolism slowed down and she has gained weight. After her recovery, she tried going back to the gym. She tried doing some exercise again and even went on a diet program but was unable to lose some pounds despite what she did.

She was desperately seeking for weight loss program that would work for her. She was worried that her weight will continue to go downhill if she will not do something.  After thorough research she came across with what she calls as the “fad diet”, the HCG Diet. She read everything about the HCG Diet before she put herself on the HCG protocol.

At the end of her first round, her metabolism significantly improved. She was astonished by the result that she’s getting. She has lost 22 pounds in just a very short period of time so she decided to do another long round. During her second round, she lost another 25 pounds. She lost a total of 47 pounds in just two rounds of the HCG Diet. What’s great about the result, she felt like HCG diet has helped her really recover from her surprise mild stroke. She has never felt better for years.

It has been months now since she finished her second round. She was able to maintain her weight, her metabolism and her body fat percentage. She even started to earn her certificate in becoming a personal fitness trainer. She loved the way HCG Diet helped her lose weight. She loved the way HCG Diet helped her keep her weight off for good. She loved the way she looks and feels now. She’s encouraging hopeless dieters just like she used to be to do the HCG Diet. Losing weight is not that hard as it could be with HCG Diet.

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