I am Now Wearing size 6 and I have Dropped 55 pounds

I am Now Wearing size 6 and I have Dropped 55 pounds

I am Now Wearing size 6 and I have Dropped 55 pounds

I’m back to the size I was before I had my two children. I am now wearing size 6 and I have dropped 55 pounds. I look slimmer and I am so happy about it.

A year after I gave birth to my second child, my weight shot up and I felt stuck. It was very hard to lose even a few pounds. I have tried lots of known diets in the past but I never had a result like HCG diet. I was sick and I felt miserable with my body. I felt obsessed with dieting and foods.

I learned about hcg-injections.com from an email campaign. I was skeptical at first thinking it was a scam and that it wouldn’t work for me. But I knew I needed to do something. I need to make a strong personal commitment. I researched everything about HCG diet. I’ve read all the success stories and I couldn’t believe what the diet can do. Then one day, a friend of mine introduced me to her cousin who has successfully done the diet. So without hesitation, I ordered my first 46-day kit. I started the diet right away.  HCG is for real because I saw an actual result.

I lost 12 pounds during my first week with HCG injections. My sugar level and blood pressure are now low. After round 1, I lost 29 pounds. On round 2, I lost another 26 pounds. I never felt so much better. I couldn’t believe either the difference these pounds make. I have much energy than before. My legs feel much better now and my wobbly bits around my hips are now smaller too. What’s fascinating, I don’t need to prop my legs up just to tie my shoelace. I can actually bend now with ease. I feel so much better all around. I was no longer skeptical about this diet. I’m a living proof. Shortly after my son turned one I started wearing a size 6/8 from size 14/16. One thing this diet has taught me was to completely change my eating lifestyle. Nothing is impossible with HCG diet.

  • Total weight loss: 55 pounds
  • Initial weight:220 pounds
  • Ending weight: 165 pounds
  • Number of rounds: 2
  • Dress size: from 14 to size 6

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