38 ¼ “ Body Fat Loss from 230 lbs to 170lbs with HCG Diet

38 ¼ “ Body Fat Loss from 230 lbs to 170lbs with HCG Diet

38 ¼ “ Body Fat Loss from 230 lbs to 170lbs with HCG Diet

Weight: 230 pounds down to 170
Lost 60 pounds in 4 months- Lost 38 ¼ “of fat
From size 18-20 woman to 10-12 misses size

I never thought that I would be writing my own story. But here I am now, writing my own story. My own WEIGHT LOSS story! So here it is. I am 53 years young…married, with 3 kids.

When I started with my HCG Diet I weighed 230 pounds! But after 4months on the HCG Diet I lost 60 pounds. Not only that, I lost a total of 38 ¼ “of fat. I lost a total of 8.25 inches in my waist and another 9 inches off my hips with no exercise.

Now I am finally the weight my driver license says I am. I feel healthy and rejuvenated. I have energy. I can put on my new clothes and new shoes (feet get fat too). My eating habits have changed into healthier ones of course. My son says that I look sexy now.

What’s my trick? Easy- stick to the protocol. Eat only the HCG approved foods, weight daily and watch your shape appear before your eyes. I went from size 18-20 woman to 10-12 misses’ size! The last time I remember having this size was when I was in high school.

The food plans along with the HCG recipes were doable and easy. The injections were nothing. What I did was to plan ahead the foods to eat. I eat out but I avoided butter, sauces and dressings. I only go to restaurants that can accommodate my plan. I would have chicken breast with no skin, grilled shrimp with spinach but with no dressing or steak with sliced tomatoes.

I actually never felt hungry. There were times when I felt a little hungry but it was controllable. It’s a matter of few minutes before my next meal. I have tried a lot of diet plans before but it didn’t work for me. I lost weight but after some time I gained twice the weight I lost. It just makes me sad. Now I opted for veggies, organic fruits and meats instead of partially chewing on my pencil while waiting for my next meal.

I am not just fit but healthy as well. I love the way I look. Thanks to HCG!

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