I am down to 182 pounds from 227 pounds

I am down to 182 pounds from 227 pounds

I am down to 182 pounds from 227 pounds

I just finished 2 rounds of HCG injections and I am down to 182 pounds from 227 pounds. The result it had on me was amazing! I can hardly believe how effective can HCG diet be.

I have sworn before that I will NEVER do HCG diet because I saw what it did to my sister’s friend. She has lost a huge amount of weight with HCG diet. But when I saw her a few months later she regained back all her weight plus a few pounds more. Right then and there I swore I’ll never do HCG no matter what happens.

Two years after, I had my second child. I have gained few pounds more from 172 pounds. I have tried some workouts and low-calorie diet but the pounds won’t melt away that fast. And when I stopped, they just kept on coming back plus more. I was hopeless. Then I thought about HCG diet and my sister’s friend. Maybe I was wrong. Perhaps there’s a reason why she gained all her weight back. So, I did some thorough research about HCG diet. I have joined some forums and have asked a lot of questions from the people in the forums. Everything now was clarified.

Finally, I came up with a decision to finally do it. I was scared but I am so glad I did the diet. With only 2 rounds, I went down to 182 pounds from an obese 227 pounds. My dress size went from a 20 to size 16.

HCG diet has been the only diet that works for me. It is simply the easiest weight loss diet that ever exists. The result is fast. You don’t need to do strenuous work-outs or any irritable physical activities to burn those abnormal body fats. Just stick close to the protocol then you’re good to go.

As for my sister’s friend- I know the reason why she failed. Well, she thought that after her weight was gone it’s gone for good. She’s wrong. HCG Injections is a lifetime change. You have to continue working to keep the weight off for good.

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