My Favorite Things About the HCG Diet:

My Favorite Things About the HCG Diet:

My Favorite Things About the HCG Diet:

I would not be able to get control over my health and my weight without the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet was an answer to my many prayers. Having a diet that actually works is amazing.

After giving birth to a twin and dealing with chronic fatigue, my hormones and my weight were out of control. I have tried jumping from one diet after another diet and, one workout plan after another workout plan. Sticking with each plan for a few months only and, losing a little bit of weight then get stuck again; I finally found something that works for me-the HCG diet.

I stumbled across the HCG Diet while desperately looking for some diet programs on the internet. I have researched the product, read Dr. Simeon’s protocol, and watched some inspiring videos about weight loss using HCG before taking the plunge and ordered a 1-month kit. While waiting for the kit to arrive, I have made further research about what the diet has to offer. I have downloaded helpful recipes and even experimented with some recipes even before the diet proper.  The foods were easy to prepare, and they’re deliciously healthy. I want everything organized, so I have made a personalized journal. I wrote all the foods allowed on each phase of the HCG Diet so it would be a lot easier for me each time I go grocery shopping. I went grocery shopping the day the HCG kits arrived then started gorging the next day.

Diet proper

Loading days were fun and easy, especially on my first day. I’ve given all the good stuff I know I’ll be missing a nice farewell. Two days after loading, I’ve gained an additional 5 pounds. Day one of the weight loss phase, I was a bit scared giving myself an injection, so I asked my partner to do it for me. I have been jumping from one diet to another but I have not encountered any diet that requires a daily injection. The next day, my partner went to work early, so I have to do the injection myself and I made it. Each morning I took my weight I felt more motivated as I see the number on the scale go down. I have never known a diet that gives a very quick result. I was never hungry during the first few days not until the 4th day. I started to become hungry but it was manageable. I was a bit of hungry on day 5 and hungrier on day 6 so I decided to increase my dose from 150iu to 175ius. Things went well the moment I switched to 175 iu. No more hunger and cravings.

I started at 224.5 pounds and my weight drop to 203.5 pounds after the first round. I took a bit of a long break to give way to holiday season and gatherings that involved food but went back to diet middle of January. On my second round, I kind of gain some 8 pounds back but at the end of the second round, I drop another 23.7 pounds. I did my third round in preparation for summer and lost another 21 pounds. After three long rounds, I was 65.7 pounds lighter and 100% healthier.  I’m back to buying nice clothes, makeup, and shoes and taking pride in my appearance and health. 

My favorite thing about the HCG Diet:

I’m thrilled that I have lost quite a lot of weight with the HCG Diet but there are other additional benefits that you can get on this weight loss program.

  • The HCG Diet helped me get so much done. I have so much energy that I got to do extra household chores when my twins were sleeping. I cleaned out closets and organized drawers. Clean the cupboard and the kitchen cabinets too.
  • It got me in the habit of drinking a sufficient amount of water which I don’t do before. I’ve got to fill my giant water bottle every day and make sure I drank everything up at the end of the day.
  • I am not the veggie type of person but the HCG Diet taught me how to eat one. I have started eating veggies that I thought I didn’t like but I was amazed by how I was able to eat them.
  • The HCG Diet taught me how to eat slowly and in small bites. I have always been very busy after I had my twins, and when I eat, I do it fast and I do not mind how much I have eaten already. With the HCG Diet, 100 grams of protein is not that much. I have to cut the meat in smaller pieces and savor each bite. Eating this way will prevent the body from having indigestions.
  • It’s a lot easier than I though. I have tried doing a type of diet that lets me count every calorie or points. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and too complicated for me. With the HCG Diet, I just have to make sure I eat only the allowed foods in each phase. I get two meals a day, weight my protein raw at 100 grams before cooking them, and have the right dose of hormone.
  • The HCG Diet resets my metabolism and helped me gain control over my health and weight. It literally gave me back my life.

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