End of my Round 1: I’m 22 pounds Lighter

When I first heard about HCG diet I thought it was crazy. The thought of having to survive with only 500 calories a day was even crazier. Three of my friends at work did the HCG diet. When I saw their results I was shocked. They were losing weight at an encouraging rate. It got me curious. So I surf the net and read Dr. Simeons protocol on the HCG diet. All his theory now made sense to me. Everything is now clear. Now I want to do HCG diet too.

I’m not that big but after I had my baby my baby fats never go away. I did the Weight Watchers and it worked. But it took me months to lose some of the fats. When my second baby came I ballooned up. So I did the Weight Watchers again because it had worked for me before. To my dismay, it didn’t work this time.

I was desperate. I told myself maybe it’s the right time to do the HCG diet. I started last October 2017. But before I start with the HCG diet I’ve asked my three friends at work how to go about it.

Day 1 & 2 (Loading days) – I think I’ve binged on the right foods. I’ve load well on foods high in fats. My day 1 weigh in was 197.7 pounds.

Day 3 (VLCD day 1) – Initial weight was 201.2 pounds. I’ve gained 3.5 pounds on my loading days.

Day 5 (VLCD day 3) – I’ve felt weak but that passed. Morning weigh-ins reading was 197.5 pounds. I’ve lost 3.7 pounds in two days. I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to see how much I’ve lost.

Day 9 (VLCD day 9) – It’s been a week and I am lighter now. I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds in just one week. From 201.2 pounds I am now weighing 189.2 pounds.  My goal weight is to lose around 40-50 pounds.

The usual dress that I’m wearing isn’t that fitting around my belly area anymore.  I used to look like a stuffed sausage on my size 16 dress but not anymore now. What can I say about the 500 calories a day? It’s not that difficult as I thought.

End of my Round 1 (Been doing the 26-day protocol) – I am 22 pounds lighter now! My final weight is 179.2 pounds. I am halfway through my goal weight and I am definitely going to do another round of HCG diet early next year.

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