Emma’s HCG Diet Journey

Emma’s HCG Diet Journey

Emma’s HCG Diet Journey

At 5’2”, Emma was weighing 163 pounds. She was so concerned with her health and was willing to do anything and everything to set things right. She has tried taking diet pills, sweating it out in the gym and even starvation but none of them works for her.

Here’s Emma’s vital:

  • Initial weight: 163 pounds plus 2 pounds loading weight
  • Final weight: 118 pounds
  • Ideal goal weight: 120 pounds
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Number of rounds: 2 rounds of 46 days protocol each
  • Number of pounds loss: 45 pounds
  • Health issues: swollen ankle, dizziness every morning, feeling ill, fatigue

Here’s her story:

Before the HCG Diet, I was so desperate to lose weight for a lot of reasons. I was waking up every day feeling dizzy, swollen, and ill and many other medical complications. I didn’t know what to do. I have tried taking diet pills and have tried sweating it out in the gym until I become extremely exhausted three times a week but I’m not losing any. I have tried doing a low-calorie diet and even starve myself but no matter what I did, my weight won’t drop. Depression had set in and I started seeing multiple doctors but no one can tell me what’s wrong with me. I become too insecure with my weight and with how I look that I don’t want to go anywhere except for work. And definitely didn’t want to be seen either. 

Never a big person for my height

I was never a big person. At 5’2, my weight often stays within the 120-130 pounds range when I was in college. I managed to stay within the ideal weight range for my height through exercise and proper diet not until I started working in an office. Most of the time, I was working in front of the computer, only getting up during lunchtime and or when bathroom time calls. Day after day I became physically inactive and my weight slowly starts to creeps up.

My unhealthy daily routines for years

My daily routine starts from waking up a bit late just enough to take a shower then grab myself something to start the day at a drive-thru. I don’t usually bring food packs for lunch since I don’t have time to prepare for one so, I usually end up buying lunch at a restaurant just across the corner of the street. The only time I got to eat a real meal is during. These daily bad routines of mine for years coupled with physical inactivity were the reasons my weight ended up creeping to 163 pounds. That was my highest weight ever while my health was at its lowest.

Learning about the HCG Diet

As a mom to an 8 years old daughter, I realized it wasn’t fair. I do not want my daughter to suffer just because of my insecurities. I came to know about the HCG Diet during one of my visits to a salon. The hairdresser told me about the HCG Diet and how she had great results. I was so interested in her story that I ended up researching as much as I could find about it. I’ve read Pounds and Inches for many times before finally giving it go and purchase for an HCG injections online.

More confident than ever

One week on the HCG diet and surprisingly I’ve lost 7 pounds. That’s 1 pound a day. I was getting excited each day and I can’t wait to know what my final lost would be. I continued doing the diet until I finished the 46 days protocol and I’ve lost 25 pounds. I feel amazing! I feel lighter than I can now move easily. I was more energetic.

On my second round, I lost another 20 pounds and I finally reach my goal weight. I can proudly say that I went from 163 pounds to 118 pounds. Not only do I look and feel great but my confidence has never been higher. No more pains and swellings too. They were all gone and I noticed it during the weight loss phase. All the symptoms that I’ve been experiencing for years are gone. My husband says that he has his wife back body and mind.


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