It’s Worth Doing the HCG Diet Protocol

It’s Worth Doing the HCG Diet Protocol

It’s Worth Doing the HCG Diet Protocol

My motivations for losing weight

  1. I don’t want to be fat anymore.
  2. I could lose a huge amount of weight with the original hcg diet protocol.
  3. The numerous health benefits I can get from doing the hcg diet protocol.

I never thought that I can be a success story myself to help inspire other dieters.  I used to think that only a few people with amazing strength and willpower can share their success stories. But here I am writing my own.

It took me 9 months to lose 52 pounds. I started my journey 9 months ago and I went from an obese 204 pounds to 142 pounds. I’m a normal mom of 2 kids who love sports. Well, I’m their opposite. I hate games, sports and any other physical activities with every fiber of my being. Maybe it’s the reason why I kept on ballooning up plus my being an emotional eater.

I heard about HCG diet from someone I knew who lost quite a good amount of weight. It took me 5 long months to finally decide to do the diet. For five long months, I read everything I could about HCG diet-from the how’s and why’s to the different forums. I needed to learn everything. I don’t want to make another rebound gain just like any other diets that I have tried.

HCG diet protocol for me is not just simply a diet. Before I decided to start with the diet I set my mind and my body. My points were, “If I’ll change my life with HCG, it has to be a lifetime change. If I want results, then I should stick with the hcg diet protocol with no cheats”.

The hcg diet protocol was hard and I know that very well from the start. I’ve read lots of forums about how hard Phase 2 can be for some. And they were all true. For me, Phase 2 of the HCG diet was hard. I feel deprived of the limited choices of foods. BUT, I will only do P2 for 46 days in every round. That’s not bad. Thinking about the REWARD after was WORTH it.

My basic Stat:

Starting weight: 204 pounds

End weight: 152 pounds

Height: 5’4”

Total weight lost: 52

Dress size: Went from 18 to 8

Pant size: Went from size 20 to size 6-8

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