Desperate in Losing the Baby Weight

My name is Moira. I have struggled for quite some time in getting rid of my baby weight. I have been so desperate in losing my weight that I have done lots of diet plans out there. But since I started having my shots 2 weeks ago I have lost 15 pounds already. Thumbs up HCG!

After giving birth to my son my baby weight won’t melt away. Instead, I continue to become heavier and heavier. I heard about HCG injections a lot of times but I was really skeptical and afraid of it.  Then a friend of mine bought 2 kits from your site and told me If you are really that desperate then you should try this.

I put off starting about two weeks ago and I am so happy with the results. I have strictly followed the protocol even though it wasn’t that easy. I binged on foods that are WELL loaded with FATS for two days.  I lost 1.3 pounds on day 1 and another pound the next day. Around day 6 or day 7 everyone around me told me that I would be sick because I have been losing so much weight faster. They are even telling me that I would be dragging myself around BUT I’m NOT. They were way too wrong. I even felt better than I have in a long time. The hormone did its part in melting away my stored fats. I have more energy. I started at 194 pounds. Now after two weeks I’m down to 179 pounds. I lost a total of 15 pounds. I was astounded because I’m finally seeing the numbers on the scale go down. My goal is to lose around 44 pounds and be the size I was before I gave birth to my son.

I admit that when I started the program I was still skeptical but now I am skeptical no more. I am halfway through my 500 calories diet but I am sure I can reach my goal weight. My realization after doing the diet for two weeks,” You will feel healthy when you eat healthily.” HCG diet is not all about losing weight. It is a life change.

Thank a lot to the HCG diet!


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