David’s HCG Diet Journey

Here is another story from David who went from a very heavy 372 pounds to 260 pounds.

David was always a big kid and his downfall was the fast foods and restaurants. His dad was a military man but when his dad retired from the air force that was the time David had started gaining weight.

During his junior high school years, he weighs way over than what is required for a high school wrestler. Years after he hit his heaviest at 372 pounds and that’s the time he had his back injury because of his weight. His back injury took him out for almost a month and he wasn’t able to walk well.  He was in chronic pain and the only treatment his doctor recommends was to lose weight and he knows that it wasn’t going to be easy. He needed to have a walking assistance because of his back injury. Losing weight literally has never been easy for him after all those years of eating unhealthy foods.

Finally after tons of Chiropractic visits, series of epidural injections and spinal decompression David was almost pain-free. His inability to walk for months has also caused him to lose weight but not the tons of abnormal fats. His started his weight loss journey with HCG Diet weight only 332 pounds.  His end weight after round one was 304 pounds and he felt good about it. It was a nice start for him. He was actually aiming for 300 pounds but 4 pounds higher than his goal weight was not bad at all. He went for another round after some breaks and he lost another 26 pounds at the end of round two with HCG Diet. He has more energy now and he’s pain free from his injury.

After another long break to give his injured back some rest he continued doing the diet. This time David chooses to do the shorter round and he ended up losing another 15 pounds.  He has gone shopping for smaller shirt sizes instead of big ones. He used to wear a 3XL shirt size and size 50 pants but now he can fit on XL shirt size. He even went 10 pants size down. He owes everything to HCG Diet. HCG diet had taught him how to eat properly and healthily. HCG Diet has also taught him how to keep the weight off for good.


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