Counting Calories Helped Me Eat Healthy Foods

Counting Calories Helped Me Eat Healthy Foods

My name is Mavey. My whole life, I have always been thin until I got pregnant. I am 40 years of age and I have three kids. With each pregnancy, I have gained and gained weight and I failed to take it off.

During my first pregnancy, I was bedridden for about 5 months and I have gained 32 pounds. After I gave birth to my first born I gained between 10 to 15 pounds. As a new mom, I was so happy and even happier that I easily lost weight. I really felt good during those times. However, on my second and third pregnancy, I have gained weight again but to my dismay, the weight that I have gained never came off.

When my third child turned one, I looked at some of the pictures during his birthday party and I couldn’t believe that I have gotten that big. I was greatly affected and was upset with myself for letting such things happen.

I finally decided to enroll in the gym just in our neighborhood and for 4 months I never missed a day without going to the gym. I lost weight but so little that I decided to look for another diet program that would totally work for me. I have tried taking diet pills, I have watched what I eat but to no avail. I have also tried detoxes but still, nothing works.

I started using the HCG Diet with the help of my mom. Yes- she has turned 63 already and HCG Diet had helped her a lot. She hadn’t only lost weight but her health conditions have improved a lot too. I decided to give HCG Diet a try and it worked.

I have lost 23 pounds on my first round and another 19 pounds on my second. When I took a photo of myself and compared it with my old photo, I can tell that I really looked so different now.  HCG Diet has not only helped me loss weight but it taught me how to eat differently too. I have learned how to say no to pasta, desserts and other foods that have caused me to gain weight. I don’t have any idea about how much I eat before. It was really so easy for me to overeat but now I really do count my calories. Counting my calories had helped me get used with eating a healthy amount of foods.


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