After 2 rounds of HCG injections, I lost 50 pounds

After 2 rounds of HCG injections, I lost 50 pounds

After 2 rounds of HCG injections, I lost 50 pounds

My name is Michelle. When I started the program 3 years ago I was weighing 212 pounds. I have tried low carb regimens, diet pills and exercise but they just didn’t work. Not until I have tried the HCG diet. HCG Diet has literally changed my life and I am proud to tell the world that I am now one of the success stories for the HCG Diet.

I first learned about the HCG Diet way back in 2015 but I was skeptical that time.  I wish I would have taken a leap of faith back then and started the diet. However, it wasn’t until 3 years after that I was finally convinced to do the diet. I remember it right that I was so desperate during that time. I was tired of trying so desperately to lose weight but to no avail. I remember how lost I was before until I took a leap of faith!

Fast forward…

After 2 rounds of HCG injections, I lost 50 pounds. I have gone from a size 18-20 clothing to size 8-10. That’s 10 dress sizes down. Not only that, HCG Diet has introduced me to another way of eating healthy and staying on the right path to having wonderful health both mentally and physically. I have more energy than I used to have before and I now sleep soundly at night. I find the diet easy. The more I shed pounds the more I became motivated.

After doing the diet for 3 months I have lost pounds drastically each week. The first week, believe me, or not, I have lost an average of .6 pounds then .4 to .6 pounds the week after. My end weight after 3 months is 152 pounds.

I am still amazed at the results until now. I really wouldn’t do it so much without the HCG Diet. Thank you so much HCG Diet!

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