The HCG Diet Journey Is A Life-Changing Experience

The HCG Diet Journey Is A Life-Changing Experience

I have been on a countless diet. I have tried protein only diet and Naturally Thin plan. I was successful doing the “all protein diet” but after some time I felt nauseated and exhausted from eating the same protein over and over again.

I stopped doing the all protein and went into starvation and fasting method. Fasting makes me feel better than eating. However, it had done quite some damage to me. I tried another diet plan called Naturally Thin with high hopes not ballooning up farther.  I eat only what my body needs-real foods, training my body not to gain abnormal weight. I did the plan for 4 long years but it did not work for me. I did lose some but never even all the weight I’ve gained from the start. Then came HCG diet. I’ve found about it from my husband.

Here’s my basic stat

  • Initial weight: 212 pounds
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Goal weight: 135-140 pounds
  • Total Weight Loss: 77.2 pounds
  • Health Issues: nearing the menopausal stage, high blood pressure

Here’s my HCG Diet detailed progress

Round 1

  • Starting weight: 212 pounds
  • Total weight loss: 2 pounds
  • Ending weight: 8 pounds

Round 2

  • Starting weight: 8 pounds (gained 2 pounds from loading)
  • Total weight loss: 19 pounds
  • Ending weight: 8 pounds

Round 3

  • Starting weight: 3 pounds (gained 1.5 pounds from loading)
  • Total weight loss: 20 pounds
  • Ending weight: 3 pounds

Round 4

  • Starting weight: 3 pounds (gained 3 pounds from loading + 1 pound on P3)
  • Total weight loss: 17 pounds
  • Ending weight: 3 pounds

Phase 2 of every round has been very easy for me compared with total fasting. I did not have any hunger pains at all. I felt better and more energized at each round. I did not encounter any problem with Phase 3 for the first few rounds but I have gained 1 pound in between round 3 and round 4.

HCG diet is a total miracle for me. Even though my weight loss in each round was not that amazing, they were steady. What’s good thing about this diet?

  1. I feel good all throughout the diet.
  2. My eating habit completely changed.
  3. HCG taught me how to maintain my weight.
  4. The HCG Diet Journey is a life-changing experience.



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