80 Pounds Gone with 3 Rounds of HCG Injections

 My story can be just like yours.

I have been dieting on and off most of my life. And yes, I did lose weight. But I’m not able to keep my weights off unless I exercised my life away and being totally conscious of what I put in my mouth every day. Yet, still, there are times that I yo-yoed back to my chubby self. Exercise is good but I cannot just enslave myself away just to be in my weight range. I cannot just live my life feeling hungry all the time just to keep the weights off.

My measurement

Height: 5’4”

Age: 45

Initial weight: 205 pounds

Pant size: tight size of 15/16

Penny’s weight loss breakdowns

  • Round 1: 32 pounds
  • Round 2: 27 pounds
  • Round 3: 21 pounds

Important Observations at Phase 2

I’ve done a lot of diets before and I would eat between 1200-1500 calories a day. It wasn’t enough. I felt so hungry. My biggest fear before I started out with HCG was to have myself starved again. But I wasn’t hungry at all and that’s amazing. With HCG diet, I could go on with only 250 calories a day.

I learned how to eat REAL foods. I never eat pre-packaged foods. I cooked for my own meal. There are lots of yummy-licious recipes available that’s HCG friendly.

Important Observations at Phase 3

My original goal really was to lose some pounds and inches off my body. But HCG diet has changed me a lot and so with my goal. What kept me motivated to lose weight was to be healthy and fit.

For me, Phase 3 of HCG diet is very crucial. Based on observations, most dieters fail during this phase because they do not follow the protocol strictly. P3 teaches us what we are going to eat for the rest of our lives to keep the weight off.

Now, it’s easy for me to maintain my weight. I eat a normal amount of calories and I exercise only if I want.

End weight: 125 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 80 pounds

Number of Rounds: 3 rounds

Pant size: size 3 jeans


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