Dropped 75lbs with 4 Rounds of HCG Injection

Weight Loss: 75 pounds

How I did it: 4 rounds of HCG injections

My weight loss wakeup call: My husband’s life insurance was denied because of his weight. That moment I knew that I and my husband have to do something about our weight. We need to make a big step in order to make a big change. I was weighing 230 pounds at that time and my husband was 340 pounds heavy. Yet after so many exercises and diet, we’re still both unsuccessful.

Our secret to success: HCG injections! Yap, that’s right. We both did this so-called harsh diet and were both happy with the results. I was down 18 pounds just after 2 weeks doing the diet. I dropped about two inches off my waist and hips. At the end of round one, I lost 28 pounds, about 5 inches off my stomach and hips and 4.5 inches off my waist.

We both felt so energized with the meal plan. We started clearing up our pantry of all the unhealthy foods and begin cooking our meals only with HCG friendly foods. There are plenty of nutritious HCG menu’s available and that we enjoy cooking them a lot. I remember that there was a time during my diet, around the second round maybe that I felt so full while eating. I never felt that before. The way my body is telling my mind that I was full was amazing. After round four, I was 75 pounds lighter. I went from a biggie 230 pounds to 155 pounds. I went 8 dress sizes down, from 18/20 to 10/12. My husband lost almost a hundred pounds too.

HCG diet is so amazing. It’s a very strict diet that requires you to stay on a very low calorie per day. But I assure you that you won’t go hungry throughout the day as long as you follow the protocol by all means. Just let the HCG hormone do the work and your good to go.  One of our secret weapons was having a smart plan and making the right decisions. It’s not all about our willpower.  Prior to starting the diet, we both commit we are going to make this healthy choice for our own good.

It has been 2 months now after my last round. I am so happy that I was able to keep the weight off for good.

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