277 Pounds Down to 207 Pounds in One Year

277 Pounds Down to 207 Pounds in One Year

277 Pounds Down to 207 Pounds in One Year

I was 277 pounds heavy and very unhealthy. I had fatigue, I was sweating a lot at a littlest of a task and I had shortness of breath. I also find it difficult to walk. I have tried just about every diet and lost some weight but the problem is I gained most of the lost weight back after stopping the diet. Another problem was my hunger pains in all the diets I’ve done. When I feel hungry, I couldn’t help but eat. It doesn’t matter what I have for my lunch I will be just as hungry at dinner.

Dieting has become my new-found hobby but my weights keep going up and down until I found the HCG Diet. Dr. Simeons’ protocol has been very helpful to me. I have lost 70 pounds and 15 inches in a year and I have never felt better than ever. I have been dieting my entire life with my weight moving up and down but I have never lost this much from all the diets I have done. I could never have imagined such possibilities exist. If only I have learned about the HCG Diet earlier then my worries now will only be how to keep my weight off for good. I could have prevented having several health issues have I learned about the HCG Diet before. I could have started wearing small dress sizes that I often dream of have I encountered such an amazing weight loss program years ago.

I was overweight my whole life. I was picked and teased and laughed at. My self-esteem was way too low. The more I gained weight the more I eat that’s how I think I ended up to my heaviest 304 pounds. Whenever I picked and teased before I turned into foods for comfort and the more they teased me the more I ate.

During my heaviest weight, that was before I started doing all known diets in the market, even the ones being advertised over the internet, my doctor diagnosed me with having tendinitis. That was the reason why I find it painful and difficult to walk. It all started when I hit 250 plus pounds but I just ignored it. As I keep on gaining weight, my health issues gradually become too obvious. Aside from the tendinitis that’s constantly giving me pain, breathing has become difficult for me too. I do sweat a lot at the littlest task and I easily feel tired. That was it…I decided to do something because things have gotten out of control already and I knew, I can feel it that I was very unhealthy.

Before I came to know about the HCG diet, I have been to many doctors and weight loss centers but none of them really worked for me. If I loss I just gained them back every time I stop. Then a friend of mine told me about the HCG Diet and has shown me reasons why I gained back all the weight I’ve lost from dieting. One sure reason was I lack exercise. I simply couldn’t do it due to my tendinitis plus my dieting habits. All those times I was thinking I was doing it correctly. It was the so-called healthy seeds and nuts. Healthy fruit juices and whole-wheat cereals and pasta that I always ate large bowls thinking they were healthy. The bad choices have taken away all my dieting efforts.

My journey with the HCG Diet was a bit difficult particularly during the first few days of phase 2. I find it hard to stick with the protocol. Eating only 500 calories per day with limited food choices was unimaginable. I can’t have bread, cheese or my whole wheat pasta. Everything must be sugar-free.  I have tried but struggled and have craved for those unhealthy snacks. I was hungry most of the time and left with no choice but to increase my calorie intake to 800 calories a day. Things went well since then.

With HCG Diet I lost 70 pounds and 15 inches in a year doing 3 long rounds of 46 days without exercise. I was very successful in my diet and I am planning again to start with round 4 just after the holiday. I have embraced the program and was always motivated by the weight I’m losing at a fast pace. It even exceeded my expectations. Now I am physically active, no more pains from my tendinitis, no more sweating at the littlest task, no more shortness of breath and fatigue. I now walk with enjoyment, even run- do household chores with a positive attitude and being active at work without aches and pains and shortness of breath. HCG Diet has been my lifesaver.

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