Lost A Total of 66 pounds with only 2 rounds of HCG injections

My name is Carrie and this is my story.

I have always been overweight. From what I can remember, I have tried dieting since I was a child. I have tried no carbs, no calories, lots of working out, starvation and anything imaginable. I remember my friend’s bullied me before by calling me names such as “chunky girl”, fatty and elephant. Since then I don’t go out that often so the more I turned to foods for comfort. The more I’ve gained weight.

I’ve heard about HCG diet from a friend before but I was skeptical about it. Who would lose that much in a short time? So I just ignored it.  Then one day my sister-in-law came to visit us. She has lost quite a few inches off her waist from the last time I saw her. She’s been using HCG injections for quite sometimes now. Her RESULT got me motivated. I was no longer hesitant to do the diet. I searched for the website that she told me about and I read the protocol by heart. I find it a bit hard especially the 500 calories diet a day. Who can survive with only 500 calories a day? Well, she did! I am confident that I can survive too. I order for my kit and I got it right on time. But before I started doing the diet I have tried cooking some of the menus in the recipes. I just wanted to make sure the foods that I would cook during the very-low calorie diet were the foods that I loved.

For the first time in my life, I am losing weight pretty quickly. I am eating right too! My first few days were pretty tough though. What kept me motivated were my daily morning weighing-ins. Every time I stepped on the weighing scale I get too excited to see the numbers go down.

During my second week of 500 calorie diet, I lost 15 pounds. I love HCG injections and I can’t wait to have my next shot. After round 1, I lost a total of 35 pounds.  In the course of round 2, I lost another 31 pounds. That gives me a total of 66 pounds with only 2 rounds of HCG injections. Now I’m down to 199 pounds. HCG truly works like a miracle! I’ve never been this small before.

Right now I’m on week 2 of round 3 and I’m currently 14 pounds lighter. This was the best decision I have ever made!

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