65 lbs Loss in My 5 Months HCG Diet Journey

65 lbs Loss in My 5 Months HCG Diet Journey

I started with HCG Diet weighting 225.5 pounds and now after 5 months, I weight 160.5 lbs. I lost 65 pounds!  That’s how fast this diet can be. I have accomplished these all in two rounds of HCG Injections.

How it felt like being an overweight?

I am used to being overweight and it didn’t interfere with my life that bad. But when I started to gain more weight I found myself extremely uncomfortable all the time-both physically and emotionally. And I feel like I don’t want to go out in the public anymore.

How much weight did I lose?

My initial weight was 221pounds. I have gained about 4.5 pounds on loading. During my VLCD 1 first round, I weigh 225.5 pounds. After my P2 I lost about 39 pounds. Then in P3, I lost another 7 more pounds. On my second round, I started at 170.5 pounds. Right now I am actually weighing 160.5 pounds. So, I lost a total of 65 pounds in 5 months!

Any stalls?

I have my stalls too. I got sick and I needed antibiotics for a week. I have no choice but to stop using HCG for a while. But I didn’t give up. I went on to continue losing weight after my medications. Another is stress. Stress can really NOT make you lose weight even when you are on HCG diet. My advice– don’t let stress affect your life physically. Talk to your friends…gets support from other HCG users. That is what I did. In fact, the online HCG community has helped me a lot. The praises and feedbacks that I get from them are truly motivating and more exciting than the actual weight loss itself.

Temptations on the HCG Diet

HCG protocol calls for an actual change of eating habit. And it’s not that easy. Eating has been a mindless activity for me and I know many of you too… Then all of a sudden you will spend your whole evening not sticking some foods into your mouth. Instead of having that feeling of torture I watch vlogs to keep me going and motivated. In order to be successful, you have to find ways to replace those things that you might previously have done.


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