After the 46 days protocol, I am down by 22 pounds

After the 46 days protocol, I am down by 22 pounds

After the 46 days protocol, I am down by 22 pounds

200 pounds was my heaviest. Being this heavy makes me unhappy inside out. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I was an unhappy obese person. My hubby keeps on telling me that I look good no matter what. I stopped wearing dresses because I looked ridiculous at them. I’ve been wearing loose pants and an extra-large shirt since I’ve hit 190 pounds. Like other desperate dieters, I’ve done all sort of diet. They work but after some time they would come back.

I heard about HCG Injections so many times before but I just ignore it. I finally decided to do the hcg diet when I tipped the scale at 200. But before that, I’ve talked to my cousin who lost around 13 pounds in 2 weeks. But she stopped too soon so she gained it all back. I was intrigued by her weight loss and got curious about why she gained it all back. So I surfed tons of HCG diet sites, read more about them and how they worked. I borrowed my cousin’s handbook and read through it all. Finally, after a lot of thoughts, I bought my kit and took the plunge.

I struggled along through my journey. I cheated twice and have had some stalls. After cheating I felt like crap. I felt really yucky.  After the 46 days protocol, I am down by 22 pounds. When I looked in the mirror so much has changed. I look better and I feel better now. The reflection now smiles back at me.  I am much lighter than before. 22 pounds is a huge difference. I can walk a lot better. I don’t get tired easily like before. My chin does not bulge that much anymore and my belly starts to flatten out. My clothes are now falling off. I know I still have so much to lose but I am not losing hope.

If you are skeptical about doing HCG diet, don’t be. HCG diet really works.  It is worth it. HCG will not only help you lose weight but it will help you change your outlook on life. Just do it now.

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