From 30″ to 26″ Waistline After 2 rounds of 46 Day Cycle

Rhea’s Weight Loss Story

I had an amazing trip to Europe with my mom and my sister during the holiday.  I love their foods especially their pasta and pizza.  After eating my way through the holiday I noticed that my clothes no longer fit particularly in the butt. But it didn’t stop there. When we went back home after the holiday I started cooking some of the menus I’ve learned during our trip.

When I stepped on the scale I was shocked to see the result. I have put on some weight. I can’t believe I’ve gained 25 pounds from eating pasta, pizza and fried chicken. I realized that I have to stop and I needed to do something about it.

I came across HCG diet on Facebook. I searched the website and read the protocol. I found the success stories to be unbelievable. The very short time it takes to get the weight off was totally amazing. So I told myself, one way to find out if it’s really true was to do the diet myself.

I decided to do 2 rounds of 46 day cycle for each round. And guess what? I went from a 30 inches waist to 26 inches waist! I looked smaller everywhere that I could fit into small sizes. I have not been in this great shape since in high school.

HCG diet is so great. It took the weight off only where I needed it. I fell lighter and much healthier now. I find it very simple and easy to follow. I didn’t feel any hunger doing the 2 rounds. To keep my foods interested, I mixed up my protein serving but I see to it that they weigh 100 grams in combination. I also developed the habit of drinking water and tea. With the limited food choices, I’ve dreamed of coming up with additional leaner menus that my coworker will look up to. I would definitely recommend HCG diet to anyone who wanted to lose weight.

  • Starting weight: 160 pounds
  • Ending weight: 135 pounds
  • Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds
  • Went from dress size 14 to dress size 8
  • Went from a 30 inches waist to 26 inches waist
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5’3

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