Lost 89 Pounds in 3 Rounds of HCG Injections

My name is Max and I have always dreamed of getting into barrel racing because I always had horses. I always wanted to be a cowgirl since I grew up in the country. But I couldn’t get what I wanted all because I’m overweight.

I have one lil’ girl Trixy and she’s 5. I’ve reached my heaviest weight at 255 pounds after I gave birth. I have been on just about every known diet ever but nothing happens. I have done Atkins and 6 Week Body Makeover but I’ve failed. I love doing Zumba too because I always had this dream body in my head.

I found out about HCG injection from a Facebook post. I did some research and have talked to a few other family members. I started my journey with HCG diet October of 2016. More than a year after, I was able to lose a lil’ here and there.

Pounds lost during each round:

Round 1: 32 pounds

Round 2: 30 pounds

Round 3: 27 pounds

TOTAL Weight Lost: 89 pounds

End weight: 166 pounds

I am so happy that I weigh 166 pounds. 89 pounds gone in more than a year! I went from size 22 to size 12!

The diet wasn’t that easy, a tough one actually since I’m not used to eating 500 calories a day. During the first few days, I actually consumed 600 calories a day because I often felt hungry. But I eat more veggies and protein. I started out at 175 IU. Then I went down to 150 IU’s. I guess my being hungry has something to do with my dosage. I didn’t experience any stall at all over the course of 3 rounds. In fact, I even combined a bit of Zumba dance during round 2 and 3.

I will finally achieve that dream body that I always wanted. I will finally be the cowgirl that I always been inside. When I asked my daughter to look at my old picture she couldn’t recognize me anymore. I am so grateful that I found HCG on Facebook. I even started my own lil’ HCG group on Facebook.



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