From 245 pounds Down to 217 pounds

From 245 pounds Down to 217 pounds

My first round was fine.  I lost 25 pounds during the very low calorie diet but I gained another 9 pounds because I messed up during my phase 3. I hated myself for it. I tipped the scale at 245 pounds. I’m 5’3” and my BMI says I’m obese. I love eating. Who wouldn’t be? My cholesterol level is tipping high too and I know I need to do something about it. Not only that, my blood pressure isn’t normal anymore and I don’t have that much energy now as I do before. Walking for me seems harder and harder and so with climbing the stairs. Both of my ankles ache and I know who’s to blame… my weight.

Round 2 was a total messed. After a couple of days, I finally couldn’t do it. So I went crazy over foods. I ate to satisfaction and gained back more. I was a total mess that I felt so ashamed of myself.

Last week I loaded up, hoping that this time around I can make things right. I started with my very low calories diet and did lose 6 pounds after 1 week.

It was not easy. Monday work, my coworker brought some cookies. Then Tuesday and Wednesday came, there was a cookie fest in the office. The smell in the office was oh so good! But you know what? I haven’t touched even one. I felt great about it. I was able to resist the temptations for days. Then I said to myself that I can do this! Thursday came- my coworker brought some chocolate cake. I can proudly say I didn’t put any in my mouth. I’m quite happy with my apple and Iceberg.

It was SO hard when you see them all feasting on my “used to be” favorites. I just stayed at my desk feeling sorry for myself but as always, I came to a conclusion that I could do anything in 46 days. I did cheats in the previous 2 rounds and I cannot ruin everything now.  I’m at my 10 days in the hcg diet protocol now and for me, it’s a long way. I won’t ruin my hard work for a meal that I would enjoy for a short time only.

Now I’m down to 217 pounds. I lost 22 pounds during this round. I still have more pounds to lose but I’m sure I can do this with HCG diet.


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