20 Pounds Off at Age 54

20 Pounds Off at Age 54

20 Pounds Off at Age 54

At 54 I found that menopause had left me with rolls of fats left and right that I don’t appreciate. I tried hiding them by squishing them into ridiculously tight undergarments for years. Then move and totally ignoring them. I thought that if I don’t acknowledge my fat rolls they would get tired of the fact that I just ignored them. But the fact is not. I realized that it’s time for me to do the four letter word-D.I.E.T!

I surf the net trying to look for a quick fix to my problem. It seemed like every advertised diet on the net has everything that I needed. I got suspicious as I read through each website. Then I came through hcg injections shop. I read the protocol and I thought there is no way this diet can make me lose big in such a small amount of time. Among other diet websites I’ve read, this one can make me lose at least a pound each day. I was skeptical. Then I read the protocol over and over again. I also read the success stories and they all started to make sense to me now.

I do not have fear of injections. What bothers me was the very low calorie diet. I wasn’t sure if I could survive with only 500 calories a day. However, I like the idea of the 2 loading days though. I can actually eat to satisfaction.

I ordered for my 26-day protocol. I was thankful that the kit arrived on time. I can do the hcg diet as planned. Contrary to my expectation, the hcg diet turns out to be SO EASY. I didn’t have to cheat (I was planning to do). After the very low calorie diet, I lost 20 pounds. I feel great about the result. My clothes fit better and I don’t need to wear those tight undergarments anymore just to hide my fat rolls. Now I’ve got the chance to go shopping for new clothes but this time of smaller sizes. I would definitely recommend HCG diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.

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