After two weeks, I lost 15 pounds

I was truly addicted to food. I have an insatiable appetite. I often overeat to the point of vomiting. In my entire life, I have been overweight. When I was in high school I fluctuated between 150 pounds to 180 pounds. Then when I reached college my weight stayed between 180 pounds to 200 pounds.

I always wear a double-digit pant size. Whenever there is an occasion, I wear a dress that I am not comfortable with. I wear a size 20 dress for my height of 5’3. Just like anybody else, I had my fair share of drama, heartaches and trials. As a result, I turn to foods for comfort. Naturally, adding up a little pounds and inches on my body. Then one day I just came to the realization that I don’t want to be overweight for the rest of my adult life. My being overweight is doing no good. Lately, I often feel exhausted without any reason.

A friend of mine from college told me about HCG diet. When we were in college we were both overweight. But when I saw her last time, she has lost an amazing weight and she looked great at it. She told me that she’s been doing HCG diet for more than a year now. She’s done 2 rounds and she has lost a whopping 54 pounds. She said that she could lose more than that in just one year but she opted to have a longer break in between rounds.

So I did what most curious young girls do. I went to the internet and found I read the entire protocol and ordered my kit at a very reasonable price. I was glad that their customer service was so informative.

I started with my diet right away. After two weeks, I lost 15 pounds and at the end of round 1, I lost 28 pounds. Now I’m down to 172 pounds and I’m on my last week on P3. I love what HCG does to my body and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I am planning to do another round maybe a month or two from now. This time my goal weight is to lose another 15-20 pounds.

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