I Lost 36lbs of My Weight and 17% Body Fats

Day 1- I weigh in at 207 pounds, my body fats on my body scan scale is 35%.

After 40 days- My body fats dropped to 19% and my weight is 174 pounds. My goal weight is between 165 pounds- 176 pounds. Now after my second round with HCG Diet, my body fats scan scale is 18%, my weight is 171 pounds. I lost a solid 36 pounds off my weight and 17% body fats, all with HCG.

I was totally over the moon with this- but it’s not all about the figures in the scales.  It’s not just all about the weight loss. For me, what’s important is the demanding set of circumstances. I like the diet and the food.

My belly fat mode has risen due to the effect of dairy products, ice cream and panic eating. I eat foods in the fridge that can be consumed quickly. So I could get back right on the jobs in progress. I also eat too much and too late in the day.

My clothes were all getting tight and I don’t feel comfortable working with them anymore. Without hesitation, I reviewed a lot of background information about HCG Diet. I read about HCG meal and how it could keep me adequately sustained at work.

I weighed out my protein meat-chicken, stir-fry steak, shrimp and fish. I also prepare interesting salad variations for a week supply. I cook the meat portion with fresh slices of onion and garlic. Then serve them up hot on top of cold salads of lettuce and spinach. I garnish it with Himalayan pink salt, apple cider and chopped tomato. I don’t drink coffee anymore. I only drank water and tea sweetened with stevia. After 40 days cycle I have re-introduced dairy but in reduced quantities. I already excluded bread from my diet too.

On my first week with HCG Diet, I feel a little light headed and woozy right after stopping some activity. I think it’s because of my body is in shock of suddenly having withdrawn from foods. I also noticed that stress will tend to make the diet stall. Stress can make you gain weight. For the first time since I started the diet, I have gained weight due to stress. And it took me 4 days to get back on track with my diet.

If you are looking for a diet that really works- HCG Diet can help you. Just give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.


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