150 Pounds Down After Dealing with Hypothyroidism

150 Pounds Down After Dealing with Hypothyroidism

150 Pounds Down After Dealing with Hypothyroidism

I have been heavy all my life as far as I can remember. When I was just 5 years old, my mom said that I was weighing 90 pounds already. And as young as 8 years old, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It was no surprise to me. My mom always sends me to health boot camps but I never lost weight. The reason why I find it extra hard to lose weight has to do something with my underlying condition.

As I grew up, I threw myself into as many sports as I can and have started dieting in an effort to lose more weight. It worked though sometime-losing around 20 pounds but then I’d plateau then everything back.

During my early 20’s I was weighing 255 pounds so my doctor told me to have  surgery but I said no and told him that there are still tons of diet plans in the market that I must try before deciding to go into surgery. Since then, I have been gaining weight steadily. With no end to my weight gain, gastric surgery was again brought up.

My doctor told me that it would reduce the size of my stomach and restrict the amount of foods that I could eat but fear got me. He told me that the surgery would only help me with my portion control but my losing weight would still require disciple, the same one that I have been working on my entire life. I wanted to get the surgery but my family and friends were skeptical saying that it’s not “the easy way out”. On top of my own fears about surgical complications, I held back with my decision.

My realization

I reached the point where my ankles started getting swollen due to my weight. My legs have to support the entire weight of my body all day. I’ve been working 10 hours long shift in the hospital which left me no choice but to stand or walk most of the time.

I was having a second thought of getting my gastric surgery when I learned about the HCG Diet from one of the patients in the hospital that I’m working. She has successfully completed 3 rounds and loses a great amount of weight. So, I searched about the HCG Diet and found out that ten and thousands of dieters were able to lose weight even those with underlying health conditions like me. After making a thorough research, I lose no time and ordered my share of kit. I told my family about the HCG Diet and told them that I’ve got nothing to lose. I told them from my research, this diet has fewer minor complications compared with the surgical complications I’m going to get out of having gastric surgery.  Another plus factor- I wouldn’t find it hard to do the diet since I am accustomed to eating low calories my entire life. It’s just that due to my hypothyroidism, my metabolism is beyond normal.

My transformation-The beginning of my HCG Diet journey

I started doing the short round with 23 injections. Loading days were fine- enjoyed eating high-fat stuff that I know I wouldn’t enjoy once I’ll be on the very low calorie phase. My first three days on the very low calorie diet was a bit not good. I feel nauseated and my hunger level was high. So, I talked this out on the HCG Diet community I am in and they told me to check my dose and see if I am on the right dose. I was using 125 iu during the first three days, so I added another 25iu’s on the fourth day making it 150iu. At the end of the day, I was feeling fine. I guess the 125 didn’t work for me since I’ve got so much fat to lose.

Slowly but surely I started to see some changes in my body. I intentionally didn’t have my weigh-ins during the first week’ so I actually not sure how much I lose but I can see the fats on my side slowly melting away! I looked at my body in the mirror each, day and I was amazed by the changes I am seeing, I just don’t know the exact figure though. What I only know is my initial weight prior to the loading days, 298 pounds at age 28, so young yet so heavy.

I decided to have my weigh-in at the end of the second week, and I was shocked to see how far the numbers on the scale went down. I was 21 pounds lighter! I lose an average of 1.5 pounds in two weeks with the HCG injections. I have never lost that much in my entire life. I was able to lose 20 pounds before but it took me years and when I stop everything went back. After my first round, I lost 34.5 pounds- making me a not so heavy 263.5 pounds lady. My mom was so happy with the success and earning. My swollen ankles were getting better and better each time I lost weight.

I went on doing my second round, pushing myself harder than ever and staying disciplined more than ever. I always remind myself what I’m working towards to keep me more motivated- I and my sisters will go on a few trips months from now and it will officially be swimsuit season. How I’ve yearned to wear swimsuits for years. I wonder which one I’ll pick-the low-waist bikini, the high-waist bikini or the swimsuit skirt.

With each round, I lost more and more weight. At the end of 3 rounds, I ended up losing approximately 103.5 pounds. My end weight is 194.5 pounds and I am proud of how far I have been. I am so much happy with my results and finally have more confidence with myself and my body. My next goal is to do one last round and then after that, go to the gym at least 5 times a week to build more muscles.

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