Steps to Restart your diet after the Holidays-HCG Diet

Eating and drinking are inevitable during the holiday season and so is staying on track with diet and exercise. If you’ve fallen out of your routine during the holiday season, then you are not alone. Most people do overeat when the holiday season comes.

By the end of the year, they probably realize fats are accumulating around the abdomen and thigh. After weeks of indulgence come to New Year, when many people swear to lose weight and get fit. Below are effective ideas on how to shed some added pounds from holiday eating.

  1. Start moving

The best thing that you can do after all the indulgence is to start moving. Start exercising again to burn those excess calories gain from overeating.

If you have been crazy over foods and drinks during the holiday, I wouldn’t recommend doing strenuous exercises for the first week. Don’t push yourself too hard but reinstate your workout slowly. Opt for lower intensity training like walking around 10,000 steps a day. You could also go cycling, or swimming. Do light exercises for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day for the first week. From there, you may start increasing the intensity and time of your workout.

  • Mentally control your cravings

Once you feel hunger pangs, give yourself at least ten minutes before giving in to the cravings. Studies show that a normal craving lasts for 10 minutes, so avoid chocolate cake for a while and do something else. I suggest finding an excuse to avoid the kitchen. If you can, distract yourself when you are hungry.

  • Start counting your calories back

Do this whenever you eat. To help you keep track of your calories, use online calorie counters or mobile apps. Log in whatever you eat. Be mindful of what you consume or how much. Consume only the right calories it takes to maintain your current weight.

  • Set realistic goal

This is very important and is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Setting a realistic goal for yourself can help you stay on the right track as you get back in the swing of eating right and working out. Make your goal manageable and attainable. A series of small goals like losing a pound or two each week is much attainable than losing 5 pounds in a week. When you meet your goal, reward yourself after.

  • Do the HCG diet

If all else fails then you have the HCG Diet to back you up. If you have tried doing the HCG Diet, then you know what to do next. If you are new to this diet, then you are on the right page.

The HCG Diet is so simple and easy to follow. And I promise you that you will be able to lose those holiday fat that circles your abdomen in just a short time. The HCG Diet will let you lose a pound or two each day in the healthiest manner.

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    Is it alright to use a dial scale? My digital scale is inconsistent so I’m thinking of using my dial scale instead of buying a new one.

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Yes, using a dial scale is totally fine if it is able to give you a consistent reading. Oh, with regards to your digital scale, if it has replaceable batteries, you could try to change them with new batteries and see if it’ll be able to give a consistent reading.

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