Smart Cheating on HCG Diet

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Smart Cheating on HCG Diet

Cheating is not allowed during Phase 2 of your HCG diet. And you know this by heart. But there are times that you just want to freak out and grab those delicious piece of cake then eat to satisfaction.

It’s not exactly ideal to cheat especially during P2. I’m not encouraging you either because it’s a big NO in the protocol.

But if you can’t really help yourself there are healthier ways to cheat.

  1. Do not cheat on carbs

Carbs contain fuels needed by your body but they have little nutrition compared with proteins, fruits and vegetables. So, stay away from carbs. Make time to eat healthy foods instead of eating foods that will make you happy such as sugar and carbs. Prepare your foods ahead of time. Keep plenty of foods high in nutrition but low in carbs like protein, fruits and veggies. Your calorie count may end up higher but still, you are avoiding carbs.

  1. Load Properly

This is a cheating tip because if you will not load properly on your HCG diet, technically you are cheating on yourself. HCG diet loading phase is extremely essential. If you will not load well on FATS (not carbs) you will definitely encounter some difficulties as you proceed with Phase 2 of your HCG diet.

  1. Cheat on proteins

Proteins provide plenty of nutrition needed for your weight loss hcg diet. So when you feel that you are hungry and have to freak out and cheat, cheat on protein. Egg white, protein shakes and beef jerky are rich in proteins.

  1. Keep some approved veggies and fruit handy

Veggies and fruits are great when you are in a situation where you are stuck either trying to come up with a healthy Phase 2 meal or not eating at all while you are not.  Veggies like cherry tomatoes can make a great snack that you can easily grab when you are hungry. Fruits like apples, orange and grapefruits are great for snacks too and they are very handy.  You can keep some in your bag when you go to work or in your car.


Smart Cheating on HCG Diet