Shopping for the Right Food on HCG diet

Shopping for the Right Food on HCG diet

As to any diet, it’s no secret that the success is determined by the foods that you put into your body. The healthiest is one that is plant-based. It includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. Changing the way you eat too while on hcg diet can improve your health, eating habits and your goal- to lose weight.

But changing the way you eat requires changing the way you shop for food. If you don’t have a good plan in place it can be quite challenging. Below are tips on how to shop for the healthiest food while on HCG diet.

Tip #1 Plan ahead

Before you go grocery shopping, plan your meals ahead of time so that you will know what exactly you will need. Make a list and check it twice. Plan meals won’t require you to buy plenty of unhealthy processed foods. At the same time, you can save more money and you will waste less time too.

Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry or you’ll end up with an unhealthy impulse buy. Don’t hit the grocery store at rush hour. This will give you more time to shop for the foods that you need instead of throwing random products into your cart.

Tip #2 Fresh is best

Choose veggies and fresh fruits that are ripe but firm so they will last longer. If there are no fresh fruit and veggies, go for frozen one instead of canned. Canned fruits typically include sugar, salt and other additives.

Tip #3 Read the labels

If you must shop for packed foods, read the labels first. Choose the least processed varieties. Avoid packed foods with added sugar, a lot of sodium and chemical additives. The rule of thumb, buy foods with only five or fewer ingredients listed.

Tip #4 Shop the perimeter

Shop the perimeter first and fill your cart with healthy and fresh lean meat, fruits and veggies. The foods found around the perimeter are the healthiest. The one in the interior aisles is the processed one.

Tip #5 Shop for lean meat

Choose the leanest cut that you can find if you can’t afford to buy grass-fed and hormone free meat.

Tip #6 Go organic if you must

Organic foods are healthier than non-organic one but a lot more expensive. If you can’t afford to shop for organic meat, try organic veggies and fruits instead. It’s a good start.

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