Reducing Sugar Intake After the HCG Diet

Reducing Sugar Intake After the HCG Diet

Sugar has been one of the biggest health and wellness topics today, especially regarding how to cut back on them. It has been added to foods and drinks here and there, and it never seems to be a big deal. However, as time passed, food manufacturers began to add more and more sugar to just about everything.

Sugar is definitely not allowed when you’re on HCG injection and even while you’re still on the HCG diet. How about after the HCG diet? It’s all up to you. Since you can’t totally eliminate them from your diet, there are ways you can take to cut back on sugar.

Does sugar make you fat?

Too much sugar consumption can have significant negative effects on health. Clearly, it has contributed to the rise of weight gain and obesity. As a major contributor to weight gain, sugar contains calories but few vitamins, minerals, and anything else good for you. Generally, you will store fat if you consume more than what you need. The same goes for sugar. The extra calorie from sugar will cause you to put on excess body fat.

In the U.S., 38% of adults over 19 are obese. What’s more alarming is that 70 percent or more of the adults over the age of 19 are either overweight or obese, suggesting that obesity is common in our country. Based on the statistics alone, it’s clear that effective weight loss management, such as the HCG diet, is necessary.

Sugar is fattening because:

  • It’s high in empty calories.
  • It is less filling.
  • It can significantly raise your blood sugar levels.
  • It can increase your hunger levels making you want to eat more.
  • It increases your risk of chronic health issues.
  • It’s linked to obesity.

Effective ways to cut sugar after the HCG diet

Kicking a sugar habit can be challenging, even for the most determined one, but these tips can help you.

  • Ditch the sugary drink: Sugary drinks like soda, smoothies, and fruit juices contain a high amount of sugar. Adding additional unwanted sugar to your diet can cause your body to gain excess pounds and inches. Additionally, juices and sodas are unlikely to make you feel full for very long. So, you will probably consume more calories than you would normally do. It may sound boring, but substituting sugary drinks for water is your best option.
  • Be mindful of sugar substitutes: Avoiding sugar is something most adults on a diet do. Instead of sugar, they switch to artificial sweeteners. While it can be calorie-free, the sugar substitute is much sweeter than regular sugar. This means when you consume them, your brain will perceive you’re eating a lot of sugar with each bite.

Be mindful of your sugar substitute. The only allowed sweetener on the HCG diet is Stevia. So, why not continue using them even after your diet?

  • Be mindful of your snack choices: Today, most of the popular snacks on the shelves are high in sugar. So, always check the labels for added sugar. Opt for fruits and nuts for snacks.

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