Reduce Cravings During Phase 2 of HCG Diet

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Reduce Cravings During Phase 2 of HCG Diet

HCG Phase 2 is where your weight loss takes place. This is the hardest yet the most challenging and most exciting phase of the HCG Diet plan.  This phase really works but you have to put an extra effort too into making it work.

During Phase 2, you are on a very low-calorie diet usually 500-700 calories per day. You might find yourself very hungry at first. You might also crave for foods that are not listed among the allowable foods on your diet. However, there are ways that can help you stay on track. All it takes is your willpower and some tips from us.

Number 1- Eat foods that are lower in calories

You should never go over your 500 calories hcg diet when you eat low-calorie foods. Veggies are best examples- lettuce are mostly water. You can virtually eat as much lettuce as you want. Toss it with a bit of onion, asparagus and some vinegar instead of salad dressings. Salads can keep you full for a long time and will help you stay on track.

Number 2- Drink extra water

Water can make your belly feel full even when there isn’t anything in there. Drinking more water with every meal can make you get full faster. But don’t overdo it. Check this article for some tips to help you drink the right amount of water on HCG diet.

Number 3- Drink lots of tea

Tea is an appetite suppressant. It is allowed in HCG Diet. Just make it sure you drink a plain tea with NO sugar and honey.

Number 4- Spread out your calorie intake

Eating all of your 500 calories in the first few hours of the day will make you hungrier later. So spread out your calorie intake. It’s better for you to eat a smaller amount throughout the day so that your stomach isn’t as empty for so long.

Eat something small every few hours. When you get up, eat an apple. When you start feeling hungry eat an actual breakfast from the list of approved HCG diet foods. Then a couple of hours later eat a light snack followed by light lunch. When you follow this pattern, you can break the 500 calories into five tiny meals.

Number 5- Eat something when you’re truly hungry

If you feel like you are starving, eat something from the approved list. Just make sure what you are eating is low calorie. Apple, lettuce salad or even a cucumber works well. It’s better to go slightly above 500 calorie limit as long as it is an approved HCG food rather than to cheat.


Reduce Cravings During Phase 2 of HCG Diet