Not Losing Weight on The HCG Diet: Why?

Not Losing Weight on The HCG Diet: Why?

Losing weight might sound like an impossible task. You work out, you watch your calories, and still, you seem not to lose weight. You often ask, “Why can’t I lose weight?” There can be a lot of reasons for that question.

Reasons why you’re not losing weight

Health conditions: Before you take a plunge into any kind of diet, you need to rule out first your medical conditions. Certain medical conditions can make losing weight much difficult.

  • Hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism can both affect your metabolism, making you feel hungrier more often and causing weight gain.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is linked with hormonal abnormalities. PCOS can make it difficult for the body to use insulin causing insulin build-up in the bloodstream. High levels of insulin increase androgen hormone leading to weight gain typically in the abdomen.

If you’re sure that you are not affected by any one of the conditions mention, then there could only be one reason why you can’t lose weight. You can’t lose weight because you are HUNGRY.

Hunger is the source of all failed weight loss attempts. When a diet fails it’s because you have cheated. When you fail, most of the time you will regain 95% of all weight that you have lost. Some even gained back more.

Why do you feel hungry?

When you get that rumbling feeling, you know it’s time to grab a bite to eat. What makes you hungry? What exactly causes the feeling? Hunger tells your body that you need to eat to keep your body fueled. The feeling you get from being hungry happens because of these two chemicals being released in your body.

  • Ghrelin: It’s a hormone produced by your body that signals your brain to eat. High levels of ghrelin make you feel hungry. When you are full, the ghrelin hormone drops. 
  • Leptin: This hormone is pretty much the opposite of ghrelin. Too much leptin means fewer hunger feelings. Low levels of leptin can leave you feeling hungry and craving for everything and anything.

When on low-calorie restrictions, your ghrelin hormone increases while your leptin hormone decreases. This makes you feel hungry and can lead you to cheat. However, this is not the case with the HCG Diet.

Hungry on the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet, again, is scientifically designed to help you lose weight faster without making you feel hungry during the diet. HCG injections will tap your brain’s hypothalamus so it can send a chemical signals unto the adipose tissues where fat reserved are kept to be used as an alternative source of energy. This helps keep you going even if you are on a very low calorie.

Hunger and craving are surprisingly not an issue on the HCG Diet. When you follow the protocol and implement it to the best of your ability you won’t feel hungry. The HCG Diet is designed to help you lose weight safely and the fastest amount of weight possible. You will find that you can half a pound to two pounds each day. Occasionally, there are times when you feel hungry even though you have followed the protocol. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Increase or decrease the amount of HCG:

The minimum daily hcg injections dosage to inject is 125IU while the maximum dose is 200IU. If you are hungry on the 125IU, you can increase your dose to 150IU or 175IU, whichever you are comfortable with. If you have started using 150IU and you’re hungry, either lower your dose or increase. Men can have higher doses like 200IU due to how much they eat while menopausal women’s dose can drop as low as 75IU

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water

Use water to suppress your hunger. Drinking tons of it is very helpful for controlling your hunger.  When you drink water, your stomach stays fuller. The recommended amount is half a gallon to one gallon a day. Teas and coffee work well as an appetite suppressant as the caffeine helps control your appetite naturally.

  • Spread your foods throughout the day

Some dieters need to eat more frequently. You can break your two meals into 4 divided small meals a day. You can also break up your fruit intake. Instead of eating during your meal, you can eat the fruit options during snack time. It’s definitely worth a shot to experiment with different methods.

  • You eat your vegetables

If you have tried everything but you are still hungry, increase your veggie servings a little bit. You can eat green veggies in an unlimited number but try limiting the tomatoes and onion as they can cause a stall to some dieters. Soups and salads are great options. Greens like spinach, lettuce, and chard are very low in calories.

  • Extra bite of protein

Aside from veggie options, you can also have an extra bite of protein. Protein has a satiating quality that leaves you more satisfied and full for a longer time than other foods. 


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  • fatima

    How do I go about with increasing or decreasing my dose?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    dose adjustments are done by doing the following steps:

    1. Skip your dose for the day.
    2. Take note of how hungry you are during early evening. If it is lower or you no longer feel it, then your dose is TOO HIGH. If your hunger increased, then your dose is TOO LOW.
    3. Start on a new dosage on the following day. Lower it by an increment of 25 IU if it was too high. Alternatively, if it is too low, increase it by an increment of 25 IU.

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