Multiple Rounds of HCG injections with Great Success

HCG Injections

I got sick in my early 40’s and was put on steroids and antibiotics which started my downward tumble. My condition limits me from exercising and doing strenuous activities. During my recovery, my metabolism also slows down and I started to gain weight. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was suffering from hair loss and a whole bunch of other problems. Eventually, everything was stabilized except for my weight.

Over the years, I continued to gain and gain weight. No matter what I do, I couldn’t lose the weight that I have gained. I have tried many different diets but with very little success. I was able to lose 5 to 10 pounds but nothing more significant. Plus it can take me months to lose just a very small amount of weight. It was very unmotivating. 5 years after, I’ve reach my all-time highest weight ever, 262 pounds. That was it-I start doing the HCG Diet which I have learned from my cousin who’s been living miles and miles away from my place.

I went through multiple rounds of HCG injections with great success. I have reached my lowest at only 153 pounds and stabilized at 158 pounds, I have been maintaining my stabilized weight for over a year now.

Here is my detailed vital:

  • Beginning weight: 262 pounds
  • End weight: 153 pounds
  • Total Weight Lost: 109 pounds
  • Number of Rounds: 5 Rounds
  • Stabilized weight: 155 pounds for over a year now
    • Round 1: Lost 25 pounds
    • Round 2: Lost 22 pounds
    • Round 3: Lost 22 pounds
    • Round 4: Lost 21 pounds
    • Round 5: Lost 20 pounds
  • Went from dress size ___ to dress size ___ at 5”6. I have more clothes options to choose from now every time I go shopping.
  • My energy level is at its highest and I am no longer suffering from hypothyroidism.

I’d love to lose more so I can look better on my bathing suit but right now I’m so happy with my body and with how much better I feel. I am so grateful that I’ve learned about the HCG Diet. I am so grateful to that my friend told me about this diet.

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Multiple Rounds of HCG injections with Great Success