How to Avoid Food Temptations after the HCG Diet

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  1. Celebrate in moderation

Passing on your colleague’s cake is the same as refusing to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Why not ask for a thinly sliced and then have a number of bites? The trick is just to eat the cake and leave the icing on the plate. While most of your friends are having a soda, skip it and bring a glass of water or a full coffee mug.

  1. Change your habits

It’s okay to eat if you are genuinely hungry. However, instead of eating potato chips or cookies, make yourself a healthy delicious snack. If you are dying for some ice cream try frozen yogurt or sorbet. If you are cravings for some sweet candy, try some trail mix with dried fruits and a few chocolate chips. If you often eat a snack while watching TV, try to be aware of these routines and break them.

  1. Cook your own meal

Fast food and restaurant meals are full of salt and unhealthy ingredients. So, why not make your own healthy and tasty meal to resist your cravings for restaurant foods? When you go to work, pack some foods so you’ll be less tempted to grab a quick bite at the drive-thru.

  1. Have a low-calorie cocktail when you’re having drinks with your friends

When you hit the bar to raise a toast, have a low calorie cocktail instead of a margarita with 1.5 ounces of tequila.  A single serving of margarita contains at least 150 calories.

  1. Change your food environment

Clean out your cupboards of unhealthy foods. You can’t eat what isn’t there. If you only have healthy ingredients to prepare, that’s all you’ll eat. Keep healthy foods accessible. This will increase the likelihood of you eating them.

  1. Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

When you go to the grocery store hungry you are more likely to make impulse buying. So before you make a short trip to the grocery, try eating a small healthy snack. Make a good choice and do not buy unhealthy foods.

  1. Fight stress

Stress may influence eating behavior and may induce food cravings. People who are stressed are likely to eat significantly more calories and experiences more cravings than those who are not stressed. To minimize stress, fight back by planning ahead, relax and even meditation will work.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is what our body needs. Lack of sleep will affect our metabolism. The longer we stay awake the more we feel hungry and the greater is our chance of grabbing unhealthy foods and drinks. Do your best to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep each day.

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How to Avoid Food Temptations after the HCG Diet