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HCG Diet on a holiday is tough but staying on track is tougher as events and parties keep on coming your way. You are surrounded by constant foods and temptations to overeat the wrong kind of foods whether you are at work or home. The big thing that you can do is self-discipline because this diet does not only need your pledge but also your heart, loyalty and passion for losing weight.

HCG Diet Tips to Help You Stay on Track Holidays

  1. Plan ahead– Create a blueprint. If you have arranged parties mark your calendar. Look for a meal that fits for you during the party. You may also prepare a meal at home then take it with you to the party or drink a protein shake before leaving the house. This won’t make you feel so hungry no matter how long before they serve the foods. If the party is at a restaurant or a house, try to make the best choice you can. Stick with only veggies and protein and skip the carb. One night off the diet won’t set you back that much but remember not to overeat. The next day, weight yourself so you can see how you’re doing. If you ended up 2 pounds higher the next day then do a mini steak day.
  2. Better-together concept– Seek advice from the people you trust and who know you are dieting. These people will remind you of your obligations. They may avoid giving you foods not allowed on the HCG Diet or to correct you when you feel like cheating on the diet.
  3. Stay focus– Set your eyes on your weight loss goal because once you’ll cheat you will be out of the track. The only way for you to stay on track is to be committed to your weight loss goal. If you must cheat, then, cheat properly. All you need is a little discipline. Cheat on the right food. Check the foods on the tablet before you put them on your plate. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is it too sweet?
  • Does it have vegetables on it?
  • Does it look shiny because of too much oil?
  • Do they have juices or wine instead of soda?

Stay away from holiday sweet treats on the table. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.

  1. Vodka or wine for holiday drinks- Go for vodka or wine if you decide to drink during the holiday. Stay clear of fruit drinks including tomato juice.
  2. Don’t go to the party hungry- When you go to the party hungry to are more tempted to scarf down on unhealthy sugary foods. Make sure you eat something before leaving the house. Drink protein shakes or eat something rich in protein so you will be more in control and less tempted by unhealthy holiday-party foods.
  3. Consider a detox after the holiday- A detox after the holiday can be one of the most useful healthy holiday program strategies.
  4. Have a planned interruption– Stop having your injection for 3 days in advance then resumes with the injection the next day. Although we usually do not recommend this some dieters choose the 3 days HCG Diet interruption rather than missing out special events. You will lose several days of weight loss and probably will gain some weight but there are ways to get back on track.
  5. Keep yourself busy– Christmas holiday is a time for celebration and family gathering. This celebration often involves foods high in sugar, fat and fall short on nutrition. Focus on the celebration and not the foods. Keep yourself distracted from these foods since you’re on the HCG Diet. Socialize with your loved ones than mingling with food. Chat, dance laugh and enjoy with people around you. You will see that you are not just having fun but you are also losing weight.
  6. Eat holiday leftovers as a salad– You can get really creative with your holiday leftovers by turning them into a super healthy salad. You can mix up your turkey with some nuts, fruits, spinach, and nutrient-rich salad.
  7. Take a walk after meals- This is a simple and easy strategy to help improve your digestion after a large meal. This will also keep your metabolism high while on the Christmas holiday.

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